PeP vice-president Henry Muleya

Resignation as Vice President of the Patriots for Economic Progress

I would like to announce to the Zambian people and the country at Large that have resigned from my position as Vice President of the Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP).I have further resigned from the Party and also retired from active partisan politics.

I would like to thank the Party and all the members for the confidence they showed in me and all opportunities availed to me.This includes my adoption to contest the Kabwata Constituency Parliamentary By-election. My gratitude also goes to all of you who supported my political Journey morally and Finacially.I am also grateful to the media for the platform you provided for me to share my thoughts and ideas.

My passion to contribute to this nation remains strong and I will double my contribution but outside partisan politics.

Thank you and may God bless you all.

Henry Muleya


  1. Oh! They were two? You guy, you new you were just wasting your time in that club. I never even new you were 2 in there

  2. You’re a wise man Sir, it’s no secret that this brief case party was not really going anywhere and it’s probably for the best you focus on other more promising endeavors than being part and parcel of this Zero scoring Party, having a party president like yours must have also been uninspiring considering all he does is offer political comedy commentary laced with bitterness and un-objectiveness, you’re wise man all the best Mr Muleya!

  3. They say better late then never.It is good you
    Have realised abit late but better.Try to join
    A stronger party and wish you good luck.

  4. Citizens have always advised the party to be more relevant to the people than this mediocrity from Sean tembo of talking about an individual all the time. Sean tembo your deputy is gone next will be the little supporters unless you change the way you do your politics. Be issue based than being personal

  5. He is also foolishly thanking the members who don’t exist. He should just thank his other friend who has remained the sole member of the PEP Store. Ati retired from active politics, how active is PEP Store apart from the mad dog insulting the wise and popular?

  6. Mm you have done well ba sir . I’m sure you saw that ba tembo was not taking you anywhere. He is enjoying brown envelope it’s all about him and not the Zambian people. You are a wise person and all the best in your new life outside politics . That ba tembo is just a joker.

  7. Didn’t even know pep had a vice president. Always thought it was a one man party because no one else is allowed to talk or come in public view except Sean zero tembo.


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