I can never sink so low like my brother Pilato to compose a political song in favour of Hakainde Hichilema because I am more popular than the man myself” Singer Jordan Katembula Popularly known as JK has charged.

Addressing PF carders after visiting some cholera centers in Lusaka this afternoon, JK said it would be insane of him to start supporting a man who he said was junior to him in terms of popularity across the country.

“So, I can never sing a campaign song for him even if he has to pay me double the amount the PF is giving me”. “Am more popular than him in this country. Let Pilato continue dancing for him, not me. I think am above that level!”.

Mr Katembula also said he could defeat HH if the two were allowed to contest any parliamentary seat in Eastern or Muchinga Province.

The PF supporter was responding to questions from concerned Ruling Party Carders who wanted him to clarify on rumours that he was composing a campaign song in support of HH for 2021 campaigns.

Jk is a legend in the Zambian Music Scene who composed and Produced PF’s 2016 popular political song “Dunana Reverse”.

“I came on the scene a long time ago before Zambians even came to know of Hakainde Hichilema. HH is only known in 8 provinces, but am known countrywide, i think you know what I mean”.


  1. JK was a serious beneficiary of the PF regime and he must keep his loyalty to them. After getting him stinking rich, he truly does not need to change his allegiance otherwise they would be serious repercussions and that he know and understands very well. HH is the head of state and commander in chief who does not need JK’s endorsement of any sort. So JK spare the president your rhetoric, keep in your lane. Try comparing yourself to your fellow musicians!

  2. JK must apologize to the head of state.It is money that made him say like that .He was comparing himself with the President.I remember even Chester did the same where he said that he is PF cadre even if died his cofin will covered by the PF flag.

  3. Alot of people are rich but they don’t disrespect other people or become big headed like this jk did. That pf arrogance turned these musicians into something else. Let him not sing anything for bally we don’t need his music.

  4. Pride goes before the fall. Take heed you who feel you stand firm lest you suddenly fall.

    Never boast about useless and imaginary things. One man boasts about having massive wealth while in reality he does not even have a servant he can pay well or a house.

    I take it this childish comparison was meant to remain as a joke among friends comparing their small imaginary dreams and was not meant to be shared with the big boys. This was mere child’s play and we need to treat it as such. Let the kids wad in the waters. Come up here where ships need steering. Here’s where the real stuff is. Men’s stuff.

  5. Whatever urged JK to make such a statement at the time is best known to himself and he knows best how to deal with the repercussions, however my deduction is the rising popularity of Pilato eclipsing his self acclaimed popularity was nibbling hurtingly on his ego! JK should just have stayed in his lane for paths of popularity between him and the HH he disparaged are not the same while JK’s could be seen and described as a paved ‘track’, the one for HH could be a boulevard! Serves a reminder to would be JK duplicates that foolishness does not knock on doors and big headedness does not mean intelligence or smart! Courtesy in life’s journey is a virtue and carries one far in society! Who is relaxed and mostly smiling now between JK, Pilato and, HH?

  6. Frustrated fuzzies. We used to call this type of people like CK in those old days 1970- 1980s ati ba FUZI or ba SESA. Any way mwenda na ba sesa will alway be like that because he does not realize who he is even when his master was killed in the film but will keep on supporting the dead gone to the grave alone and look astray.

  7. This is goes to all persons and politicians who are fond of making unrealistic utterances about who they are and what they say about other people? Pride and self praises will not stand the test of time.

    JK in his foolishness thinking and predictions he thought HH was not going to be elected president of Zambia.
    JK was being misled by PF cadres who promoted tribal hate speech and propaganda. JK ‘s words were just mere utterances which he spoke out anxieties to please PF party. It was common during PF regime that people who spoke malicious talk and propaganda against UPND were heavily rewarded financially.

    We have forgiven you JK but stop biting the fingers that fed you while you supported PF government. Also, it is not true that whatever, PF did was totally wrong and corrupt. Let us all learn to be quick to hear and slow to speak and act.


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