Shibukeni, Zambia bashitisha!- Harry Kalaba

Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba

Shibukeni, Zambia bashitisha!

By Harry Kalaba, Citizens First President

As we begin this new week, I want to call upon men and women of the collar and God fearing men and women to stand up and be counted at such a time as this. This is not time for you to stand by and watch while the country is being tuned into another Sodom.

Barely a week after the President gave his SONA address to parliament we saw a gay rights display under the watchful eyes of the Police.

When Dr. Brian Sampa matched against alcohol consumption, he enjoyed the full protection of the law and was allowed to cover a total distance of well over 700KM and when he decided to protest against homosexuality, the police arrested him even before he could cover a distance of 10 meters.

The nation needs men and women who will speak out against this vice as there is no room for homosexuality in this country. Like prostitution, extortion, thuggery or theft, they are all offenses in the eyes of the Law in Zambia and we challenge the President to state his position on this issue or at the very least we want to see arrests otherwise we are inclined to believe that the UPND government is a proponent of homosexuality.

It’s time for the Citizens to speak out!!!


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