Sight of Triplets Sends Dad Away …claiming that it is taboo in his family


Sight of Triplets Sends Dad Away

NEWBORN babies are normally received as a gift from God, but the sight of triplets has sent a man of Lusaka away, claiming that it is taboo in his family.

Before abandoning his wife at UTH, 37-yearold Henry Ngombo refused to take responsibility as father of the babies, saying no one in his family has ever sired triplets…


  1. Fyanshi muchita ngatamufisuminisha? Just accept and be happy. Many people will help you taking care of the babies. Dont get scared they are innocent God given gifts.

  2. This man’s taboo is related to poverty not tradition. The excessively biting economy coupled with imprisonment by Covid 19 made this guy take to heels or may be hills. Kikikikiki.


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