Simataa Accuses CAF of Racism after Zambia Women’s Captain Barbara is Banned from AWCON tournament…he writes;


The ban of copper queens captain Barbara Banda and 7 other fit African women from playing in the Africa Women’s Cup of Nations tournament is a clear case of racism and rigging meant to give the weak Arab players and hosts Morocco, a decisive headstart!

It’s reminiscent of Caster Simenya, the South African athlete whom the Olympics committee tried to ban, until South Africans protested!

Meanwhile, back home, FAZ has it’s tail between its legs, sheepishly agreeing with CAF’s nonsensical decision to ban Barbara Banda from playing, alleging that she’s too fit and powerful to be a woman!

What nonsense is this ‘testosterone test’ kansi, and why does it only target African women sports personalities?

FAZ #Bringourgirlsback


    • Some selfish individuals are protecting their positions at CAF. Stupidity at its best. Greedness and it’s colours allowed to cost the nation? This is utter nonsense.

  1. If anything Shepolopolo was supposed to quitbthe tournament in protest of the CAFs racism. Is her fault she has high testosterone can’t a man with high oestrogen play mens soccer?. This is primitive way of thinking

  2. sHe is a boy if you ask me. Let her get prignant and then sHe can sue CAF for wrognful ban. sHe will get a lot of money.

  3. FAZ you are surely a disgrace to mother Zambia you have failed to hold consistency in the mens’ team and you have now started doing the same on an ever shining women’s team. Barbra participated at the Tokyo Olympics without any hindrance. You are surely a batch of educated hypocrites. At least you would have intervened. What a shame!

  4. When people complain about FAZ they are rebelled to be Kalu’s supporters. Please let’s be serious on this, what has FAZ done about the issue? It is psychologically disastrously to our player, it may her affect her career forever. The battle is not in the hands of the player but FAZ and FAZ is quite meaning they have accepted the vindicate, they can consult South Africa what to do if they are stuck how to fight such battles. Even an official statement from FAZ can help the nation to know which way we are going. You can just except such nonsense, our player is an international player recognized by FIFA but why the CAF???????


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