Singer Ty2 is now a Pastor after graduating from Deliverance Bible College


Ty 2 graduates from Bible school

After giving his life to Christ and turning around his life, Mwendaweli Mbangweta aka Ty 2, has graduated with a diploma in theology at Deliverance Church Bible College.

He took to his social media to announce the news stating that he had been at Bible College for two years now.

Ty 2 is a renowned artiste known for his hit songs, Smile, Sunshine among many others.

“Thank you Lord for strengthening me.
You started it and will surely see me through it.
Amen,” Ty 2 added.

Kalemba November 20, 2022


  1. Glory be to The Lord. In The Lord you cannot go wrong. Too many criminals and fetish trash masquerading as pastors. Be a difference.

  2. Nimakulota! Smile! The hit songs Ty2 mesmerized the world with in his earlier days on earth. Those are now in the past; focus on Christ and make us Smile. Congratulations for choosing the best career; best career because it gives you happiness here on earth as well as in the post-death existence as long as you focus on Christ.

  3. Congratulations for joining a long list of scammers and false prophets. Don’t argue with me, I know what am talking about.


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