Sishuwa Sishuwa writes:

The address by the President of #Zambia to the EU Parliament was so devoid of anything new that any analysis of it risks conferring upon it a seriousness it in no way deserves. It is hard to know if the positive response from the audience was relief that the speech finally ended!



  2. Our problems have a historic cause. A statement by the President at such a forum is not prepared by the President himself but by officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I also examined the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs relating to Zambian students studying in Ukraine when they were leaving that country. My assessment is that were still have many political cadres from the ousted PF regime. It is these cadres that a responsible for sub standard statements from the Government. The Pubic Service Commission should clean the system urgently and recruit competent people to do the work. For naïve people like Sishuwa, I would simply tell him that it is diplomatic immaturity to criticise your Government when they issue any statement on the international stage.

    • This again? Blaming PF and wanting people fired? So that we employ supporters of UPND, who must also be fired when UPND leaves government?
      And what do you mean it is diplomatic immunity to criticize your government when they issue statements on the international stage?

  3. Sishuwa has the right to say what he wants. However, any discource requires that we remain cordial in our interactions. Sishuwa let the tone if your discourse remain level headed. You not a cadre. Readibg your work, I have seen an increasing amount of desperation for political expediency which is making you as an academic begin to lose your salt and credibility. Greatness is attained by consistency. Do not deviate from who yku are. Your comments are meant to demean and denigrate.Nothing intelligent about it. Leave thst to Nakachinda for goodness sake. Debate issues.

  4. It’s difficult to appreciate Sishuwa Sishuwa’s comments because most of them if not all of them lack objectivity as most of them are done out of bitterness and jealousy. HH was not invited by the European Union to deliver an impressive speech to anyone but was invited as an honor because of peace, rule of law, good governance and Democracy in Zambia. The EU is impressed and happy the way the country is being run and they are willing and ready to support our country and all well meaning Zambians should appreciate and give credit where it is due. This is the first time for a Zambian President to address the EU parliament and the gentleman represented Zambia, the Region and Africa very well and we the general citizenry are are very happy and proud of our President. What matters to us is not a speech but recognition and position on the international stage and Zambia through HH has gained that position and recognition. I can assure you, that same speech you are rubbishing will go a long way in attracting the EU and the International Community at large to help us restructure our debt, bring in huge investments in the country and other financial help that we need as a country. The President received standing ovation and deafening clapping, those whites who filled in that house are seasoned parliamentarians and when they standing and clapping, they knew what they were doing. The gentleman is a very good marketer for Zambia and we are blessed to have such a President.

  5. Could the Doctor nandevu zake napala laka give us his Alternative Speech for our Analysis, like the other Gentleman who consistently gives us his annual Alternative Budget, although unrealistic, but at least ayesa ko!!!!

  6. Sishuwa belongs to the academic world who for their students will year in and out repeat the monotonous repetitive delivery of subject content to students then sit in offices ‘marking’ assignments handed in by students akin desk critics! Accolades Sishuwa does have I believe from academia because theirs is arguments on points of view and how convincing one can be over other views! Not the same in the real world for the speech he’s trashing despite it being repetitive sometimes its reception is dependent on the deliverer and confidence it inspires! What recognition is Sishuwa fighting for? Relevance as a political commentator or a disgruntled university don envying political office?

  7. Dr. Shiwuwa Shiwuwa I doubt what he is teaching students at UNZA? Is it not modern history and politics in Africa. Is he not repeating the same lessons to students and giving the same views year in and year out. The syndrome of put him or her down is what is common in Zambia. This syndrome has been in existence for many years in Zambia, in the name of freedom of speech and democracy we condemned anything that previous and present governments have done.

    Political commentators should be objective and fair when making comments on national issues. It is not everything that is said or done is bad. Let us learn to give credit where it is due and offer constructive criticism where it is supposed to be offered.

  8. Being a critic to a bad government makes you popular, but being a critic to a good government does not do the same.

  9. I always love Dr. Sishuwa Sishuwa’s fearlessness whether at UNZA or at national level. It earns him a lot of haters but there are also those who are impressed by the fact that he is so candid and speaks truth to power. Keep it up, bro.!

    • Thank you. He has spoken no truth and offered no substance of his own.
      Criticism should be constructive not criticism for sake of trying to get your name in social media. Sishuwa is looking like a child.

  10. There are issues with being the first Zambian president to address the EU. Who are the EU? Who is behind them? Who formed them? Why HH? For sure HH is a darling of the West. Tony Blair visiting him just after inauguration, US Africom, signing of the book and now EU? There must be fire somewhere?
    Who is HH? What and who does he really represent? May be it is time to find answers to some of these questions. Is he loved because he means well for Zambian people or Africa? Thomas Sankara meant well for his people and transformed his country for the better. President Magufuli meant well for his people and was transforming his country but were never recognised and many presidents like them were killed by the same people – beasts, that are in bed with HH today. Does HH know what he is doing or is just a pone/puppet? I am just wondering who HH is working for. Is it Zambian or African people? He is in a hurry to also place Zambian resources – minerals in the hands of the same people- Anglo-Americans who exploited and ditched our mines when it was convenient for them? Sometimes I want to agree with the sentiments that he is going to finalise what he left in privatisation. Is he an AGENT or NOT? WHO IS HE WORKING FOR? MAY BE DR SISHUWA HAS A POINT AND LET’S PAY ATTENTION.

  11. SS ( of the Gestapo?) is a lecturer or academic. There is no speech delivered at a forum such as this that can be zero. We have seen analysts on TV analysing the most mundane of speeches and there is still a message. The accolades come with the clarity of that message but message there still is.

    As an academic he must figure this all out and teach his students the exact meaning and import of such. And that’s we all expect

    So how can he teach students to be seasoned listeners and discerners of international issues, readers of “between the lines” which we expect of all our educated people if we are not to be duped by international conmen and the like posing as diplomats etc, just what if he is going to be as dismissive as this???

    I am not saying he must praise the speech, I am saying there was message, he may have heard it already, but the EU may not have. Also if HH thinks that’s the reality he wants to communicate, what is the issue. No doubt you would be communicating a different reality and it’s ok

    I fear for our students that he lectures because he has announced to all Zambians that HH went to Brussels and said nothing. Really?? So he will now be justifying this is class, and we all know, truth be told that this will not be a correct position

    Divergent and critical views, yes we agree but that should be based on the issue. In this case it’s based on the person

    SS is becoming dangerous for this country honestly speaking. He does not mean well honestly. You are a good man, SS but you are fast losing your way. Be advised

  12. All the HH haters insinuating that he’s a puppet of the West, how is he any different than other Zambian Republican Presidents? They all borrowed from the West, welcomed western investors. Where do you think the Euro bond came from?
    HH is promoting business investment in his country, including deals with other African countries. He speaks articulately and intelligently about a vision for Zambia. You hate from envy.
    When the drunk danced and drank as his main activity on foreign trips you were ok with it? He borrowed excessively from the same West, you were quiet.

    You guys are just ridiculous, cannot be taken seriously at all.


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