To my young gunners in my comment section with hate

If someone needs to come to your social media profile to tell you how much they hate you, then they don’t really hate you. They just hate that you are unaware of their existence and hate, so they pinch you so you can see them. Those who really hate you will avoid your social.

You can keep posting your hate here I’ll stay in my zone working. You could spend that time preparing a CV, applying for a job or perfecting a skill. We have a new government that clearly doesn’t tolerate bad energies but you who claim victory are the best examples of toxic energy.

I get that my stance was bad for business, bad timing and all bd two wrongs never made right.

After 5 years I might do a song for the current government if they ask me and maybe you’ll hate me again but that’s fine. I’m an artist not a politician. It’s how I feed my pack. I’m beginning to think this is not even about a song anymore, just an opportunity for anyone that didn’t like you to take a jab at you King!

Why are you still mad at the loser? Ask yourself.



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