Fred M'membe


The debate on whether Socialism, CAPITALISM, Communism, Liberalisation or, Democracy works and which of them must be preferred by Zambians in Zambia in the 2nd millennium is a very very interesting and health debate and development in the country’s politics.

The existing parties never provided any ideological alternatives to the ruling party save the competition on which party had many insultants and insulted the most and had the most unruly cadres.

For the first time since 1991, the political space will be polluted with issue-based discourses, civility, research and evidence based debates which had eluded us for the past 3 decades.

The coming of socialist party may be blessing in disguise as it will act a cleaning political broom with its socialism ideology.

So far its has shifted the politics of the country from insults, demeaning, name-calling now in practice to ideological focus which may also reduce politically oriented-defamation cases in the country.

This is very health for the country as debating idoelogical issues than insults and names of politicians must be encouraged and supported by all democracy loving Zambians.

Once again, this may help politician to engage in clean politics undertake a great paradigm shift in our political discourses.

Never should one feel that one politician has touched the nerves of another but this ideological alternative will help citizens compare and contrasts which ideology caused the country’s economic malaise more than the other and why moreso that both Socialism and CAPITALISM have been tested in Zambia.

Thanks to Socialist Party for swaying the political debates and politics in Zambia to a more sanitised direction through your ideological alternative.

I love it and let us all debate and engage the debate GEARS.

I submit

McDonald Chipenzi


  1. In the US and France, they use the “Left-Center-Right” political spectrum.
    Democrats lean to the left of this spectrum and they tend to promote Socialist ideology. The Republicans lean towards the right and embrace Capitalism.
    The Center of the Spectrum deals with the “Rule of Law.”
    When you move far to the left (Socialist side) Freedoms tend to be lost especially freedom to do free trade and own property! The State tends to meddle too much in individual private affairs. The far left Socialist ideas ultimately lead to the “Rule of Men.”
    We have been on the Socialist side in Zambia under KK. The left does not promote freedoms, democracy and free Enterprise. The State owns and runs everything. In 1991, Zambians said NO to Socialism!
    The right side of the political spectrum, Liberty is the Hallmark quality. This is where you find the free market economy where the job of government is to create an enabling environment for free commerce! Chiluba got this right and Mwanawasa perfected it by adding the Rule of Law.
    Zambians embraced the Center-right movement. This is what works for Zambia!
    We have had leaders who were confused about what ideology they embraced. We had ECL begging to be allowed to be a Dictator, thus drifting towards the far left Socialist side. The rule of Law broke down. Late Sata embraced the Socialist side and vowed to rule with the Ten Commandments. The State became increasingly involved in business and made the economy very inefficient with the resulting heavy indebtedness we are still grappling with.
    We thank God we are back to where Chiluba and Mwanawasa left off with the New Dawn Government having restored the Center Right ideology.
    Socialism never worked well for Zambia!
    It’s always healthy to avoid both extremes!

  2. Let us not make the mistake of bringing back socialism, that will destroy all the efforts being made to correct wrongs things that have plunged this country into this mess we are in. Mmembe should go and practice it in Cuba not here.

  3. Socialism interrogate ideology as a group, it’s not a one man decision it community, inclusive participation. We welcome it and I think Zambia has accepted it. It remains now for them to grow membership across the country


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