By Faston Mwale

It is not unusual for unprincipled and failed political elements to attempt to ramp themselves through tarnishing the image of others.

This is what Mr. Wynter Kabimba is attempting to do. But attempting to vulgarize the standing of the Socialist Party will not revive his tattered political image. Although a seasoned politician, Mr. Kabimba’s political trajectory is one troubled with a streak of more failures than successes.

He failed as Secretary General of the Patriotic Front, he failed as Minister of Justice, he failed as Rainbow Party President and is failing as leader of the Economic Front.

In politics, Mr. Kabimba pitches as a classic illustration of dangerous forms of envy laced with a ferocious greed for power.

It is this trait that pitted him against the rank and file of the Patriotic Front when he served as Secretary General and was ultimately thrown out of the party.

He later founded the Rainbow Party and that again failed.

Although the Rainbow Party has been re-branded as the Economic Front, its state, form and substance has remained the same – a social democratic party or an inferior form socialism.

Casting aspersions on members leaving the Economic Front to join hands with the progressive forces is not a transgression at all.

Everyone had a democratic right to belong to a party of their choice.

Alleging that the Socialist Party is funded by the LGBT is stupidity of first degree.

A leader of his magnitude and stature must not take to idle speculation but must be truthful if he is to attract members.

Can he name the LGBT organizations that are funding the SP.

To resort to the use of dirty propaganda as a means to stem the exodus of members from his party is in itself a failure to grasp the current political dynamics.

Comrade Helen Mulala and many others must not be demonized for joining the bandwagon for progressive change.

There are many young people today looking up to seasoned and experienced politicians for learning leadership but what would one learn from the leadership of Mr. Kabimba?

It is not arguable that the Socialist Party is the only Party that is today offering young people an unfettered opportunity to experience leadership and is opening up the horizon for new opportunities for the youth.

The Socialist Party is not just a political party, it is a people’s platform uniting the masses in the struggle for justice, equity and peaceful co-existence.

A simple concrete analysis of the current context shows that the mass influx towards the Socialist Party is a reaction triggered by politics of deception to which our people have been subjected to for over three decades now.

People are simply fed up with politics of manipulations and deceit and have intensified the search for a new political direction and the Socialist Party stands as the best of the available alternatives.

Secondly, the Socialist Party has an attractive manifesto which has become a must-read document of nowadays.

Thirdly, the Socialist Party has a tested leadership that is without a lust for personal glory, prestige or an appetite for material gain but endowed with a leadership to advance, serve and service the expressed needs of our people.

The wind of change that is blowing across the country is no ordinary wind.

It is a hurricane storm to sweep out a governing system that thrives on deceit and usher in a new order.

No matter how crude the propaganda might be against the Socialist Party, the revolutionary waves of change are unstoppable.

Those joining ranks with Socialist Party are from varied and diverse walks of life, the seasoned politicians, students, religious leaders, academicians, traders of all shades and many more.

In short, the revolution is already underway.

Those chocking with furious hatred and envy and have embarked on a campaign of lies and slander must be consigned to the waste bin of history.

We don’t need them. They are remnants of history. Do not be intimidated comrades.

The oppressive order under which we live today is surmountable.

Live Longer comrades and have a pleasant day.

Training Coordinator,


  1. Very useless and childish response CDE Mwale. Just counter what Wynter has said with an intellectual response iwe.

  2. First you start by rubbishing the other person, not discussing the point he raised. then you go on a revolution. Revolution for what? What are you offering? Leadership tested in what? In propagating socialism, which has succeeded where?

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