Somebody please tell Hakainde that it is my birthday on 8 June- Canisius Banda

Canisius Banda

[On My Birthday]

I am aging.
But my HEART isn’t.

Somebody please tell Hakainde that it is my birthday on 8 June.

No CATTLE please. He should not send those oxen as my gift.
I keep CATS.

I celebrated HIS birthday on 4 June.
He should now celebrate MINE.

As above;
So below.


Just tell him to bring me TUSIMBI TUBOTU from the beautiful and cultured villages of Monze.
Though their character should be straight, they should have all the curves in right places, be as appealing, sensuous and curvaceous as the new Chirundu Road.

We have TRIBALISM to fight, a nation to build, after all.
Now is there a better way than to INTER-MARRY?

Three of them will do for a start. ❤️
Depending on how it all goes, I could later ask for more.

I may look finished.
But, trust me, some things are still fit for purpose. They endure, still start.
Keep those defibrillators away for now.

I may be growing OLD.
But, thank God, some of my PASSIONS have remained young.
As Kings MALEMBE says: ‘Apa pèna ni Lèsa wa bomba!’

It seems it is my fate that I will always LOVE. Not the kind of love you are thinking, pilgrim.
I mean love mankind, even with their vainglory, GRAPHS and all.

Though Neil Diamond says: ‘These Are Hard Times For Lovers’;
Trust me, balance is all there is in the end.

We are all one! In anticipation of the delivery, let me now do some push-ups! This delivery for Hakainde should be easier than DEBT RESTRUCTURING.
Hahahahahaha! 😀

PILGRIM Canisius


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