Someone wants to be praised nama graphs yake with this cost of living? behave naimwe- Fr. Chikoya

Fr. Chikoya
Fr. Chikoya

By EEP President Chilufya Tayali


Fr. Chikoya was one of the outspoken Anglican Priests during President Lungu’s governance, however, he had been quiet on the many misgivings happening in our Country. I am happy to hear his voice on the graphs.

“We’re not called to preach sugar-coated messages.”

“A church sermon is supposed to leave some people feeling uncomfortable.”

“And someone wants to be praised nama graph’s yake with this cost of living? behave naimwe.”

-Fr Emmanuel Chikoya-
Council of churches Chairperson

20:00hrs I will be live.



  1. It is now wave after wave of attack on Hakainde and his impotent policies meant to please his white masters, at the expense of those that voted for a better cost of living.

    Now it us upto Hakainde to smell the coffee and change course to put voters first. To keep his campaign promises.

    • Not really. Voters are thinking about the liar that promised to fix cost of living if he got elected, but instead has made it a lot worse than he found it. And he tries to justify his incompetence by showing stupid graphs that only have meaning to him and his praise singers.

      Utter rubbish!

      • Church should be devoid of politics. Let’s hold different political opinions on many issues affecting our Nation and agree on Church. I hate to comment on Priests . If what Priests say is surely of GOD it will stand. ACTS 5VS 39. I rest my case.

  2. There’s a simple explanation my friend..You reduce revenue from the mines through tax waivers, deductible Mineral Royalties.
    then you increase the wage bill for public service workers through massive increase CDF most of which is going in people’s pockets ( desks worth K3miliion???) and bring back free education. Where do you get the money for these?
    – you export Electricity and plunge the nation into darkness then you import the same at a higher price
    – You export Maize and bring shortages and queues…and you again import the same
    – you remove subsidies on fuel and cause prices of everything to go up.
    – Reduced earnings from the mines means less forex , causing pressure on Kwacha, and high importation costs , and subsequently high costs of products.
    All these are Hakainde’s policies… Expenditure and revenue not matching..
    The Investments he thought would come to the mines by tax incentives hasn’t come.
    So he is now under pressure for debt restructuring so that he borrows to support the bloated expenditures. It’s populism backfiring..and poor policies in the Mining Sector.

  3. I was listening to BBC News on TV today and how the Government there is tackling the escalating high cost of living. Every country in the World is high cost of living tepa Zed peak. The UK Government there is discussing with Owners of Food Shops to put a Cap or Ceiling Price on all Essential Food Items to help Citizens with high cost of living. The problem in this country is that everyone is selfish and wants to exploit everyone else: Sellers and Consumers of Goods and Services. It is “a Dog eat Dog” and “a Rat Race” scenario.
    You can insult, yap, blog on every Social Media Platform and scream until your Voice becomes hoarse, by blaming some Politician that you hate. Zambians, we are our own Enemies, we have a ” Mongrel Mentality” of always whining, complaining and bukabolala (Thieving Mentality”! Look at the smuggling of Mealie Meal from our country into Democratic Republic of Congo, is it ba Kasai who are smuggling or ourselves to blame? We are just a chaotic, lazy and noisy People!!

    • When people mention inadequacies in Policies , direction , of the current government they are accused of hatred. When ECL was being criticized it wasn’t hatred but it was his incompetence, and his lack of vision. Let us be fair.
      The situation in England is completely different from that in Zambia.. England is at the core of the Ukrainian War and Millions of Pounds are going towards the war effort. Further England is trying to realign it’s Economy after Brexit. Supply Chains have been disrupted forcing England to look for alternative sources for products. Cheap labour which was coming from other European Countries is no longer there. England has to look within for this labour which in most cases is unavailable or expensive.The European buffer for economic shocks which the European Union was providing is no longer there. These are the key factors driving the high cost of living in England.
      Zambia’s situation is different. What has the war in Ukraine got to do with Mineral Royalties waivers in the Mining Sector, Having Gold , Suglite , Manganese deposits but you don’t want ZCCM -IH to be part of this? What of MOPANI Copper Mines?? You would rather give $500 millon to Macro Ocean for a road whose returns will take 22 Years, than capitalising Mopani??
      Or the export of Maize or Electricity? Or the chaos in Drugs and Medical Supplies? The chaos in Agriculture input support programs?
      Or the Chaos in Foreign Policy which has compounded the Debt Restructuring.
      The problem with our President is that he neglected Local Revenue mobilization in preference to the IMF bail out. Then he focused on populist consumption based economics. Recruitment of 60,000 public service workers, enhancement of CDF etc. The paymaster approach which has even extended to NAPSA…But how do you Finance this when you are not investing in productive sectors?? Yes we can make the so called noise on Social media,but we will eventually graduate to the real world and confront the situation, and provide workable alternatives through another Political platform if the current one continues leading us to more doom.

  4. Tell a country where the Citizenry is happy with cost of living UK?? US??, South Africa??, India??, China?? Mexico??
    Every country needs revenue to implement govt programs. A broke, highly indebted country needs to develop & strengthen it’s economy to pay debts & implement govt programs. Love him, hate him, HH is trying to get the econmoy from ICU, death bed. Govt spending will definately get our country nowhere. If u all want to feast while u r broke. U may as well be prepared to change governments every 6 months.

  5. You call him father, not mine though. The CROSSES he gestures in the air are worse that written or drawn graphs

  6. Africans will be Africans. They do not want their fellow Africans to be educated or know things. Here is a president explaining things using simple graphs and some dull chap fails to understand and he calls that stupid graphs. He tells other people to hate the president and lying that he has failed cz he used graphs when it’s him who has failed in his life . He complains daily about his suffering blaming the politician but take a good look and you will find out that it’s because he is lazy and fails to take responsibility for his life. Blame the president all you want but as long as you sit in your home and complain nothing will change in your life . Wake up and smell the coffee. Others are filling stadiums , young people ka and you a big grown up person blaming the president. Do your bit and stop being a useless impotent citizen. Go back to school and learn graphs.


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