Southern Province Acting Commissioner of Police, Alfred Nawa is reportedly under investigations within the police command for allegedly giving suspicious prominence to visiting South African based Zambian born businessman, James Ndambo.

Sources within the police in Southern Province have told Phoenix News that Mr. Nawa was yesterday ordered to close his office and summoned to police headquarters in Lusaka on suspicion that the southern province police chief is benefiting individually from the support Mr. Ndambo has been giving to the police without declaring interest.

The sources have further revealed that the investigations were instituted by the police top command after the southern province division provided Mr. Ndambo with high profile treatment seemingly more than what a private person can receive.

Earlier this week, Mr. Nawa announced that over 300 police officers will be deployed for security at the prestigious My Home Town beauty pageant competition, whose founder is Mr. Ndambo slated for today in Choma District.

Mr. Ndambo has donated 7 land cruiser, 2 buses, 1 mini bus and 2 Hilux vehicles to the police in Choma.


  1. That’s a billionaire in ZMK and he is should be entitled to extra protection. We have had visits from Bill Gates and he received more protection that the then President.
    Some citizens do warrant preferential treatment.
    However, I can see why this may become an issue due to the citizen in question having donated to the police. And now for those people here who didn’t understand GEARS when it advised against donations, here is your answer.

  2. Zambians are bitter jealous people. After all this gentleman had done for his home town surely he deserves protection and care. He is using his own hard earned money not plundered wealth .

  3. What is wrong with this?
    He has done a lot, mr Ndambo. Let he be protected. Please, leave me Nawa, out of this bullshit. He has helped the Government to bring to the standards, how a police station should operate. Kwama. Mr Kajoba, leave me Nawa alone.

  4. I am against making such donations to security wings. Their loyalties can be swayed by such actions. They can then never bite that finger that deeds them.

    Having said all that, this man has been making donations very quietly for a number of years. It looks like he is doing it from the bottom of his heart. And as a businessman, this positive publicity is always welcome. Now he wants to become a Congolese citizen. He is a very driven man. Some of us will be retired at the farm at that age.

  5. Are there crimes that have been committed in the province that are not attended to. If not then someone is not using his brains and/ or is jealousy. Blacks normally do not like to see other blacks do better than them. Thats why witchcraft has persisted with very little progress. This man must be celebrated, not embarrassed like this.

  6. Not only southern province chief could have
    Done but any top minister aswell as we are
    Beneficiaries of his help.Giving him the best
    Treatment.Nothing wrong with that.


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