Nelly Mutti
Nelly Mutti

Emmanuel Mwamba
Speaker Wants Sauna Built For Her

I noticed a Tender for the Refurbishment Works at the Speaker’s Lodge at the National Assembly of Zambia.

Other than a full and extensive refurbishment of the Lodge, the National Assembly have planned to install Sauna facilities at the Lodge.

A Sauna is a room or building designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions. The steam and high heat make the bathers perspire and may provide benefits for cardiovascular health that resemble those derived from exercise.

What surprises me is the attitude that top public officials have towards the use of public funds where they are used to pay for a luxury, exorbitant or extravagant lifestyle.

It may be just a Sauna, but this typifies other bigger things public funds are used on ignoring modesty, functional and minimalist approach but expenditure is made on ostentatious motor vehicles and homes for public officials.

Surprising, no matter how good the state of both the vehicle or home that the predecessor left maybe, the new official usually pursues new refurbishments to suit their personal taste!

And it doesn’t matter the state of economy or austere measures that is preached. Expensive travels, purchase of luxury items and high living continues unabated.

Bane! these are public funds, and our people,who are masters, expect us to be prudent with the resources. How do citizens tighten their belts when leaders keep on loosening theirs?


  1. HH in opposition would have come out guns blazing on social platforms available to him on the way Pf (in government) is misusing funds to an extent of building themselves sauna facilities. When “youths” have no jobs or food as he famously liked to put it.
    Lol…the guy and team are crooked to the core. Maaaaaaa ine nadabwa mweee. ili bebeede ba dala.
    Zambia is really a good country with a good leader!

  2. Why you need a sauna in the middle of tropical Africa is beyond me! Being a post menopausal woman, she needs a cold shower than a sauna!

  3. Trash that tender. Also the law of building houses for former leaders who already have real estate must be scrapped.

  4. Next she will request for a bedroom with a double bed in which to lie during parliamentary recess and a toilet of gold. I am sure she thinks if Zairean President late Mobutu Sese Seko could fly in mineral water from Paris, why can she not ask for a sauna, a bedroom with a double bed and a toilet of gold for the speaker’s lodge.

  5. So she includes a sauna amongst a host of requests and the usual PF idiots who clearly have nothing to do are up in arms? If she was STEALING the money to build her own sauna in her house you would have a valid argument. You guys are truly vuvuzelas: useless, loud and annoying noise. And just that – noise.


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