Sri Lanka Prime Minister sworn in as acting President
On Friday, July 15, a government official announced that Ranil Wickremesinghe, the prime minister of Sri Lanka, had been sworn in as the nation’s acting president.

After former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa left the nation on Wednesday, July 13, as a result of months of anti-government rallies, Wickremesinghe had already assumed the position.

According to a brief statement sent by Wickremesinghe’s office, the 73-year-old took the oath of office in front of chief justice Jayantha Jayasuriya.

The constitution states that in the event of a resignation, the prime minister immediately assumes the presidency.

On Friday, after months of anti-Rajapaksa protests, Wickremesinghe urged lawmakers to reach an agreement in order to form an all-party government in the troubled nation. He also pledged to uphold the constitution and restore law and order.

Parliament will now meet on Wednesday to elect a politician to serve out the remainder of Rajapaksa’s term ending in 2024, with nominations due the previous day.


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