President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu


The State wings investigating stolen public resources in the previous administration has continued with the hunt, to pin down former president Edgar Lungu, reports Asa Manda.

Recently sources within the investigating wings revealed that some officials were sent to Rwanda to trace property suspected to be linked to Lungu.

This time, the Joint Investigations Team (JIT) is reported that it is due to summon Dalitso Lungu, who is son to the former Head of State.

KBN a Lusaka privately owned Television reports that Lungu’s son will be summoned for questioning on Wednesday, 18th May, 2022.

Sources close to the investigations have told KBN TV that the suspect would be summoned in connection with vehicles recovered by Police and believed to belong to former president Lungu but are registered under Sarodi Traders.

According to sources, Sarodi is a company for Mr. Lungu being run by a Mr. Simangolwa Simangolwa in Western Province.

The Hakainde Hichilema Administration has launched a hunt to recover public resources it alleges was stolen by the PF Administration.

Zambian Eye, KBN Television,


  1. Hakainde has 4 years left in office. Not a single person has been prosecuted for theft or corruption.

    Hakainde thinks he will win the next elections easily. I do not think so. That is exactly what PF thought, but look where they are now.

    The sheer arrogance of these Africans once elected is nauseating. They never learn.

    They fall victim to the ka small god syndrome and start thinking they own the country.

    Pure ama rubbish.

    • Please advise him on what you think he should do. I can’t connect winning elections and prosecutions of corrupt

      • Me too. Especiously that HH never went into politics to look for a job. He wanted to redeem this country from a terror leadership that had reduced us citizens to beggars from PF caders.
        Stop occupying yourself with warnings that he will be a one term president. He does not want a job, he wants to build the country’s economy.
        If you have unruly children they will bring you down.

  2. Mary Chirwa was loudmouthed for nothing. Why are we not yet seeing people found guilty of corruption and laundering for all the money she used to highlight in her reports during her FIC days?.
    All these are blind arrests.

  3. If Edgar Lungu has stolen from the public, it’s a matter of evidence and not what anyone in the UPND government feels or thinks. It’s that simple and straightforward.

  4. This sensational journalism without evidence and facts is dangerous.
    Don’t say sources sources when you are just speculating. Anyway, that’s why Journalism MUST be regulated! The Pen is more powerful than the AK 47.
    It’s enough to report that someone has been summoned and you attach the summon as evidence that your reporting is based on facts. Reading into what is not in the summons is prejudical and contemptuous to the due process.
    Let ECL and family answer for themselves. Do not put a wedge between the New Dawn Administration and ECL to give the impression like ECL is being hunted. The Truth is ECL was very careless. Let his sins follow him and no one should cry foul when the Law is catching up with some people. The Ubomba Mwibala careless talk destroyed a lot in this country.
    Journalist, be objective with your reporting. We know that is where your bread is buttered but don’t do that at the expense of the good of the nation. Zambia is bigger than ECL and all of us! Let ECL answer for himself after all he claims to be a Lawyer! You can’t rule out anything with ECL. Anything is possible. It won’t be the first time if someone is found to have hidden stolen proceeds in the name of children or friends.
    ECL cannot be clean when those who were around him are facing serious charges!

  5. Journalism yanomba, we need facts, not rumors and falsehoods that’s why mufola ma 1 5.your bosses can tell ati you bring nothing of substance to the table , ma story yamukachasu daily.

  6. It’s not Hakainde Hichilema who wants money stolen recovered but Zambians and if you don’t want it’s you and when they’re called to appear before ACC you say they’re being persecuted and that’s why there’s a process for one to be jailed and you’ll see when they’ll start sentencing them. Already there’s an issue of the embezzlement of the 33 million USD meant for the construction of the FTJ Chiluba University were professor Nkandu Luo is saying that she left the University building when PF left office but it has disappeared and all of a sudden a toilet and foundation have reappeared on the site and she’s so confused

  7. I dont know why some journalist can not just report as they should. They always want to express their opinion. Why did they not publish what is in the summons? Where does the Lungu being hunted come from? I agree that modern journalism must be regulated. We have useless uneducated reporters pausing as journalists and tarnishing that profession.


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