State House Claims Leaked Letter Is Also False



STATE House Media Director Clayson Hamasaka says the alleged leaked email among himself, Party Secretary General Gertrude Imenda and other State House Officials in which they are planning further downfall of Catholic Bishop top wigs, Telesphore Mpundu and Alick Banda is false and a fabrication.

Reacting to a post by Socialist Party President Fred Mmembe who like others shared the Email, Hamasaka took a swipe at Mmembe questioning how a known media guru would be distributing what he termed falsehood.

“Good morning all. I am extremely shocked that such a huge falsehood can be published by someone like Fred Mmembe who should know better about such things. For the record, I have never owned such an email address in my life. I challenge anyone to send a message to that email and see if it goes through. And why would I be communicating such issues with workmates I meet everyday through emails?” Hamasaka wrote.

The Catholic Church and UPND administration have been at loggerheads with some unpleasant exchange of words going on between the two.

At the top of the fight has been Archbishop Mpundu and Banda with the latter being called a Lucifer by the UPND party secretary general after the Archbishop called the Republican President a liar.



  1. This guy is a dangerous propaganda spinning person. He knows that ensuring the authenticity of statement or documents is fundamental in practicing truthful information spreading.

    He has been in the media space for some time to understand how important it is to share the right information and not depend on false or unsubstantiated statements or documents.

    It is time to take him on for making alarming statements. He is asking for it and why not give him the right antidote for this nonsense exposed.

    Don’t take him lightly he means to deeply injure the credibility of the ruling government and unfortunately the masses may not completely understand all issues due to the level of education we have suffered over a significant period of time.

    At least warn him and act when he crosses the line. Even Freedom of speech has limits.

    Maybe I am being too hard. But remember this type of nonsense is deliberately dividing us.


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