Statue of Tutu wrapped in Palestinian shawl displayed

A life-size statue of the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu with a Palestinian scarf is on display

A statue of the Archbishop Desmond Tutu from South Africa, who has passed away, wearing a Palestinian scarf has been revealed in Cape Town. It shows his support for the people of Palestine.

The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation said the statue will be on display for a short time until the bombing in Gaza stops.

Israel is trying to get rid of Hamas. They attacked Israel on 7 October and killed about 1,300 people. They also took about 240 people as hostages back to Gaza.

The health ministry in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, has said that over 23,350 people, mostly women and children, were killed by Israel in the war.

Archbishop Tutu didn’t agree with how Israel treats Palestinians. He said it was similar to how South Africa treated people during apartheid.

The ruling ANC party has always spoken out in support of the Palestinian cause.

Israel is arguing in court in The Hague against South Africa’s claim that it is committing a genocide in Gaza.

It said South Africa has not been truthful and that it had given a false description of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.


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