Steve Nyirenda
Steve Nyirenda

22nd December 2021


Opposition National Restoration Party-NAREP- leader, Stephen Nyirenda has predicted the ruling United Party for National Development-UPND-UPND-administration is likely to lose the forth-coming Kabwata by-elections scheduled for 20th January, next year

Mr. Nyirenda says indicators on the ground point to the fact that the new dawn administration in its one hundred days of governance has terribly failed to inspire.

He says this has further been exacerbated by an increment in petrol products, which he claims has angered the voters.

Meanwhile Mr. Nyirenda charges President Hakainde Hichilema is not a man of his words having allowed his losing parliamentary candidates to petition the seats won by the Patriotic Front-PF-at the same time complaining of have inherited an empty national treasury.

He adds Mr. Hichilema should have shown leadership by advising his losing candidates not to petition the seats to avoid costly by-elections.

And the NAREP leader advises the Head of State to caution his party members to stay away from the works of the police stating that he was disturbed in the manner in which some UPND party cadres conducted themselves in the case of PF Chairperson in charge of Information and Publicity, Raphael Nakachinda.

He describes the protests calling for Mr. Nakacinda’s apprehension by UPND youths in the name of citizen’s arrest was uncalled for.

The NAREP leader was speaking when he featured on Muvi tv’s Special Interview, Tuesday night.

-Muvi TV


  1. If the people in Kabwata will only think about increase in fuel prices and forget all the good things that UPND has done in a short time, like the constituency development fund, removal of cadres from markets and bus stations, so be it.

  2. Big ugly head no brains. How would you keep the price of fuel low in an economy which registers negative growth? Would you not take stern measures no matter how painful in order to start registering positive growth? Answer these questions you fool. No wonder we did not vote for you.

  3. Every losing candidate in an election has a constitutional right to petition an election. The President, or indeed anyone, has no power to to stop any citizen from enjoying their rights enshrined in the constitution.

  4. Yes Upnd is losing forthcoming Kabwata bye election because are not only angry but very disappointed as well! In addition to increased commodity prices, what’s happening in the civil service is very primitive. Tongas have ganged up against Bembas and initiating tribal transfers. Very frustrating! And you think you can win like that! Those Bembas being victimized are not even political! They are just doing their normal duties! But because they are Bemba, and not Tonga they are being victimized! Mind you Tonga is not a popular tribe in this country!

    • This comment is too tribal. We are past that. PF had it in their cobstitution that one should be a PF strong supporter to hold senior positions in the civil service. Bowman was taunting the new govt to appoint their own claiming they are using people appointed by them because they did not have skilled people among them. Let’s move on and cincentrate in developing our country after removing unskilled PF caders from our system of governance

  5. Mr. Steve Nyirenda is talking without thinking and any sensible person would wonder the type of opposition political party leaders we have in Zambia. If the PF MPs who won elections were suspected to have engaged in corruption and illegalities petitioning their election victory is bad. In a democracy the rule of law should be observed and respected.

    On the other hand, the behaviour of Raphael Nakachinda has gone out of hand he is a foolish person who keeps on hallucinating and abusing his freedom of speech. If it were during the time of PF regime Nakachinda could have been bruised by his useless utterances he is making. PF criminals are the ones who stormed the police so as to be seen as if it was UPND cadres.

    Mr. Steve Nyirenda honestly speaking what did you expect UPND to achieve in the first one hundred days of being in power? Could you point out what UPND could have done than just making assumption and speculations. The PF had destroyed the economy and repairing and restoring the economy should not done on assumptions.


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