TIs infect Mulungushi University

INSTEAD of pursing frontiers of knowledge as per its motto, Mulungushi University in Kabwe has become a breeding ground for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Students of the University are not just sharing academic notes, they are also exchanging body sexual fluids that has led to an alarming rise in sexually transmitted illnesses amongst the Kabwe intelligentsia.

Horrified by the obtaining situation, the university’s student union leadership has announced a sensitisation meeting to teach safe copulation.

In an April 19, 2022 memo referenced “the increase of sexually transmitted diseases in campus, the union’s health minister Natalie Syafunko said the school had “recorded the highest number of sexually transmitted diseases”.

Natalie stated that the Anti-STI meeting was scheduled for April 22 at 17:30 hours in the University’s Multi-purpose facility.



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