STOCKHOLM SYNDROME: Pamela Chisumpa and James Mulenga are Facebook friends? James Mulenga even gave her his shirt


Iyi nkani ioneka niyi tali. So Pamela and James Mulenga are Facebook friends? James Mulenga even gave her his shirt!🤔


Pamela Chisumpa and Kames Bwalya Mulenga, her abductor were previous classmates.

Before her abduction, she had commented on his Facebook profile.


  1. When older ones are warning these children of the dangers of using social media for excitement, the youngsters laugh at the older generation to be old fashioned, now see what the new fashion can breed. Ala umweo walala mu matwi.

  2. This case needs a thorough investigation.
    How can thirteen girls be abducted? By these
    Young looking boys.
    What car have they been using for six months?
    How did the landlord rent out to this young boys?
    What is story of the landlord?
    Many more puzzling questions?

  3. The initial statements of this case made many people doubt the whole situation. This information coming out now suggest something totally different situation altogether. I would not be surprised if Pamela is also one of the abductors. Pamela could also be playing victim just to go unpunished. There are several people involved in this case even though the guy interviewed earlier claims otherwise.

  4. This story is not being told rightly. 2 plus 2 is not making 4. These are all class or school mates with Pamela. She was a friend to one of them on face book. Then she is in a picture wearing his t shirt. Police please dig deep especially on Pamela she will give you the correct version of this whole thing. Has the papa being picked up?

  5. From the very beginning, I suspected that Pamela was not abducted. She was part of the money scheme and so were most of the others. The video where she is being ‘beaten’ clearly shows that they were acting. The girl who escaped may have been the only truly abducted person or the promises fell through and she realised that they were lied to.


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