STOP DEMONISING THOSE WHO WERE INVESTING WHILE YOU WERE “URINATING MONEY” – CHAMA … because you want to justify your suffering you think someone has stolen

PF national Chairman Davies Chama says those who were urinating money in beer halls, should not be demonising those who were sacrificing their hard earned income to build property.

And Chama who said he listens to the insults from party members in WhatsApp groups, challenging those who are insulting to contribute towards raising the K5 million for the holding of the general conference in order to justify their insults.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on Party members who are up in arms against their leaders for asking them to contribute towards the K5million for the holding of the party conference, when they could simply choose “two thieves from among themselves” who served in former president Edgar Lungu’s leadership to raise those funds, Chama described that argument as…


  1. All this arrogance and stupidity because of stolen money? Kwena imbwa shimo. Do these PF dogs think that Zambians are as dull as they are? Ever since these idiots were born, why were they not investing anything? Why is it that they only had something to invest after being in government?

    Dog Davies you must behave, don’t think that Zambians are stupid, all of you thieves will have to pay back everything you stole and serve jail terms. Write down the date I have warned you so that when you are in prison, you can remember the day of this warning. Stupid idiot.


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