By Patricia Male and Lukundo Nankamba

Suspected UPND cadres have gone on rampage threatening some makeshift stale owners at Kawamala Market to forcibly grab their shops.

The marketers who have complained of victimization from the purported cadres have explained that the cadres are being led by Francis Mwamba who claims to be UPND ward youth chairman and is threatening violence if makeshift stale owners do not surrender their stales located near Kafue roundabout.

One shop owner James Mweenda has explained that when he passed through his shop, he was told that the shop he owns is no longer his.

Mr. Mweenda has explained that the marketers voted for President Hichilema because they were tried of victimization by PF cadres but is saddened that the alleged UPND cadres are now behaving like the PF.

The marketers have since appealed to president-elect-Hakainde Hichilema, the Lusaka City Council and the Police to quickly intervene.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front is saddened and concerned with continued reports of harassment and beating of its members in communities and trading spaces by UPND cadres and sympathizers since the announcement of Mr. Hichilema as Zambia’s 7th president.

PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza says it is unacceptable that over a week after elections were conducted and the winner declared, spates of attacks on its members have continued and, actually, increased.

He explains that party members are living in fear and many have gone into hiding as offices across the country are being vandalized or taken over by the UPND, despite the lease and occupational business arrangements that exist between the PF and property owners.

And UPND National Youth Chairman Gilbert Liswaniso has appealed to party members to avoid victimizing PF members in markets or anywhere.

Mr. Liswaniso has further urged UPND members to avoid caderism and lawlessness despite the hardship they suffered at the hands of PF cadres while in opposition because now is time to unite the country. PHOENIX NEWS


  1. I really don’t understand the whole “Cadres” phenomena; and the need for them in recent politics. Are Zambian people, forever condemned to suffer harassment at the hands of Cadres??

  2. If you being victimized. Go to the police and let the police do their job. This is a new era. You voted for the change you wanted. You stall is yours and nobody should take away your investment. However, owners of stalls need to understand city by-laws as so that trading is done in designated places. Let us respect the laws, and make our city clean as we do our business. The era of HH is an era of rule of law. As he pointed out, he’s will be a government of laws. He is merely president elect. In the meantime lets start following the law. Report to the police and let the police do their bit. Cadres have a place but not to terrorize citizens. That PF way and not UPND.

  3. Just report those criminals masquerading as UPND members to the Police. I am sure the police won’t hesitate to arrest them because they know that, unlike Lungu who tolerated rogue PF cadres for his selfish interests, HH won’t. Alternatively, you can effect a citizen’s arrest on those crooks and surrender them to the police. Don’t allow criminals to intimidate you, ACT but lawfully.

  4. Arrest them, let them fill the corridors of police cells and prisons. What are you waiting for imwe ba Zabwino Palibe. Your new commander in chief says arrest them, the nonsense for Lungu PF must disappear with the disappearance of PF thugs.

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