Taiwan requests Beijing to stop its ‘military harassment’ after 103 Chinese warplanes fly close to island


Taiwan’s defense ministry wants China to stop its continuous military disruption. Taiwan noticed over 100 Chinese warplanes near the island in just one day.

The ministry said that the large number of warplanes observed in the area created serious problems for the safety of Taiwan Strait and the region.

Based on a map from the government, 40 out of 103 Chinese military planes flew past the middle line in the Taiwan Strait and into Taiwan’s self-declared zone for air defense.

These 40 incidents were done by a group of different fighter planes including Su-30, J-10, J-11, J-16. There were also two aerial refueling aircraft called Y-20 and two early warning and control planes named KJ-500.

An ADIZ is a zone that a country sets up on its own, and it is different from the airspace that a country controls. Sovereign airspace is the area that a country has authority over, and it is usually 12 nautical miles from the coast of the country. No planes from China were seen entering Taiwan’s airspace that belongs to Taiwan.

China’s ruling Communist Party believes that Taiwan, a democratic island with a population of 24 million people, belongs to them, even though they have never governed it.

The Communist Party wants to connect Taiwan with China, even if they have to use force. However, the Taiwanese government strongly disagrees with China’s belief that Taiwan belongs to them.

The defense ministry of Taiwan said that they are always practicing to get better at fighting. They believe that if there is peace between Taiwan and China, it will help keep the Indo-Pacific region stable and successful.

The Communist military keeps bothering other militaries, which could make tensions rise and make the region less secure. We ask the Beijing authorities to do their duty and stop this harmful action right away.

In October 2021, there was a new record of Chinese warplanes entering Taiwan’s ADIZ within a 24-hour period. On that day, 56 planes crossed into Taiwan’s airspace.


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