Tanzania confirms death of student fighting in Ukraine

Nemes Tarimo, a Tanzanian who died while fighting with Russian forces in Ukraine

Tanzania’s government has for the first time formally confirmed that one of its citizens has died fighting with Russian forces in Ukraine. Up until now there had been no official comment from the authorities.

Thirty-three-year old student Nemes Tarimo died in October after having been recruited by the Wagner Group, which is a private military outfit.

His family in Tanzania continue to wait for his body to be returned home.

Foreign Minister Stergomena Tax said Tarimo, who had been studying in Moscow, had been imprisoned last March. She did not offer any clarity on what charges that he had faced.

“According to the information shared to us by the government of Russia, Tarimo opted to join the Wagner Group with the promise of receiving money and to be pardoned after the war ends,” she said.

“He then joined the group and died in October 2022 while at war. Procedures of returning his body in Tanzania are on and any time from late today his body will arrive and will be handed to the family for burial procedures,” the minister added.

She also used the opportunity to remind Tanzanians that it was against the law for a Tanzanian to join a foreign army.

“Tanzanians are only allowed to join and register with the Tanzania army according to our constitution and laws.”


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