Teachers to throw away bicycles and trouser pegs – Bally Govt

A WHOOPING 10,000 teachers will effectively be promoted to higher pay grades, President Hakainde Hichilema’s Minister of Education has announced.

In a move which is sure to improve teachers’ pockets and enable them afford luxuries like Toyota Spacio instead of Eagle Bicycles, Minister of Education Douglas Syakalima has said that all teachers who upgraded their qualifications from certificate to degree would be promoted to new pay grades.

Syakalima has added that aside from the 10,000 promotions, an extra 30,000 unemployed teachers will have a chance to graduate from begging for a sip of tujili-jili to being employed and pensionable civil servants who can also buy a Mosi as cold as UTH mortuary.

Meanwhile, in a survey done by #Kalemba, most wives of the degree holder teachers currently getting Diploma salaries have thanked the Bally government for rescuing them from soya chunks and kaloba adding that they now look forward to affording beef and a packet of Bistol.

Credit: Kalemba
Kalemba January 14, 2022


  1. How about those teachers who have upgraded from degrees to masters and doctorates, are they also going to be promoted seeing that there has been no salary scale for post graduate, how are they going to be motivated

  2. Promises, promises, and more promises. Promises before elections, promises after elections and even now promises. Meanwhile ordinary people’s real livelihoods are getting worse and worse. Everything is now more expensive. Food, fuels, transport, utilities are all getting more expensive. A lot of words but no tangible results. Be careful UPND. You have just replaced PF and simply continued in the PF way of doing things. Your lying can fool some blind followers but cannot fool everybody. Worse still the arrogance and insolence of your loud but blind followers will see you to an early exit. When majority have chosen silence only a fool can continue boasting.


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