Teenager Stabs Ex-Girlfriend 15 Times, Slits Own Throat


Teenager Stabs Ex-Girlfriend 15 Times, Slits Own Throat

18-year-old boy, Spencer Pearson, has stabbed his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend, Madison Schemitz, and her mother, Jackie Rog, outside a restaurant.

According to DailyMail, Schemitz, a student at Ponte Vedra High School in the United States, was having lunch in the town with her mother and a friend, Casey Estep, when they were attacked.

They left the restaurant in a hurry but they were attacked by Pearson on their way.

Schemitz had recently broken up with him, and he had threatened her with violence over several months.

Pearson stabbed Schemitz and her mother outside the restaurant and their screams alerted a passerby, Kennedy Armstrong.

Pearson stabbed Schemitz’s arm 15 times and stabbed her mother in the leg and forehead.

According to the passerby, Armstrong, he saw a man on top of a woman on the road “pounding down on her chest”.

He said he ran to the scene and knocked Pearson off the woman after which Pearson then turned on him, severing an artery in his arm and then Pearson slashed his own throat in a suicide attempt. They were all taken to hospital.


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