Hamza Yahaya, a teenager, vowed on Friday to jump to his death from the well-known Kofar Nasarawa flyover bridge in the historic city of Kano if President Muhammadu Buhari does not step down.

Hamza’s action set up a scene beneath the bridge that connects the Emir of Kano’s palace and State road, drawing the attention of onlookers who stopped to take a look.

It was assumed that the one-man protest could not be separated from the nation’s economic state or misery.

Hamza had to be rescued from the bridge’s pavement thanks to the assistance of firefighters.

An eyewitness and a resident Kofar Nasarawa, Abdullahi Madugu who confirmed the development to Vanguard said he was on his way to attend the Friday Juma’at prayers when he stormed over the scene of the incident.

According to him, “I was rushing to attend the Juma’at prayers around 1:30pm when I saw large crowd of people gathered watching a boy who climbed the bridge (popular Kofar Nasarawa bridge) and threatened to commit suicide or President Muhammadu resign.

“They (people around and even the firemen) pacified him to come down but he insisted that he would not come down. I heard him saying this with my own ears. He is not a small boy. This may be as a result of situation of day to day activities.

“It was one Malam Musa (who move about selling clothes) that drew the attention of the fire service who deployed their men and rescued the boy,” Madugu Said.

When contacted, the spokesperson of the Kano State Fire Service, Saminu Yusif denied claims that Hamza threatened to commit suicide or President Buhari resigns.


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