Thank You For The Votes, HH Tells Copperbelt


Thank you very much people of Mpongwe’s new market area on the Copperbelt for your votes and welcoming us today as we came to officiate at the Zambia National Farmers Union’s 2022 field day.

We are committed to delivering change as evidenced by our introduction of free education, increased CDF, employment of teachers and health workers, ending political violence and restoring rule of law as we promised you while in opposition.

We understand that you need jobs, access to affordable finance and business opportunities. This is the reason we are working everyday marketing the country so that we can attract investors and in turn create jobs and business opportunities for you.

No matter what! Together we will continue to achieve more. If you have Zambia at heart then let’s hold hands and walk together.

May God bless our country.

Hakainde Hichilema
President of the Republic of Zambia



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