The Clergy Consultative Forum has expressed concern over some sections of society allegedly spreading falsehood regarding Constitution Amendment Bill number 10.

Team Leader of the Forum, Elvin Nasilele, says many people who are opposed to the Bill 10 are merely being deceptive, as they were part of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) that produced the document that contains Bill 10.

Pastor Nasilele, says he wonders why political party representatives, who appended their signatures to the Siavonga Resolutions that were tabled at the NDF, are distancing themselves from Bill 10.

He called on the Church to speak out and correct the falsehoods because it has the duty to ensure that the will of the Zambian people is upheld.

And a member of the Clergy Consultative Forum, Antoinette Phiri, said the Church needs to ensure that the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation does NOT just reflect in the preamble but needs to sit in the articles.

Doctor Phiri said the clergy must start engaging Members of Parliament on issues such as Bill 10.

And Bishop Raphael Silwamba, another member of the Forum, has assured Zambians that the contentious clauses that were part of Bill 10, have been addressed in the Parliamentary Select Committee Report.

Bishop Silwamba said contentious clauses that sought to re-introduce positions of deputy ministers and others such as the removal of retirees from the payroll before they are fully paid their benefits and the coalition government, have been removed from what will be tabled in Parliament.

The three were speaking in Livingstone at a sensitisation meeting, with the clergy, on Bill 10, the Parliamentary Select Committee Report on Bill 10 and the constitution making process.

During the question and answer session, some clergymen expressed fear that parliament may ignore the report of the select committee and table the contentious Bill 10.


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