The continuing arrests of PF members cannot be said to be a blessing in disguise rather it is a curse and a serious indictment on all of them collectively.

No political party with such incriminating credentials can honestly bounce back in government in 2026.

The assertion that the continuing arrests of PF members is a blessing in disguise by the party chief whip and Mporokoso member of parliament Hon Brian Mundubile is rather unfortunate statement and is totally misplaced.

We rather think that this should be a sobering moment for individuals to self introspect on their previous behavior and conduct whilst in government.

No one believes that the PF would behave any differently if given a second chance to be in government.

In a nutshell, the PF will do itself a favor by disowning suspected corrupt members instead of going to give solidarity to suspects.

The sustained solidarity and side shows of its senior leaders at police stations and courts is a clear testament that this party is not ready to denounce the criminality of its members.

Truth be told it was organized criminality and corruption in the PF government that cost them 2021 general elections.

Nason Msoni


  1. @ Chikubabe. Since most Zambians are never going to be fools and idiots, PF will go faster the way of UNIP and MMD. Once a party has ruled and is voted out by people power, believe me, they will NEVER bounce back. PF is much dirty as compared to UNIP and MMD. Now to think of them bouncing back is a far fetched dream.

  2. PF will rebound, particularly, if things keep going the way they are. People are the ones who vote.

    No one is supporting the crimes being pursued. But if suspects are going to be mistreated, refuse to grant them bail, even after obtaining it via the court, a sympathy vote can catch them.
    Surely, if the investigative wings have substantive evidence, why mistreat suspect, even before they are convicted’s all suspicious


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