Fred M'membe


Our desperation for foreign investors and development shouldn’t lead us to ignore the negative historical processes associated with these people, with their mining corporations that haven’t entirely disappeared as yet. We cannot forget that we are being subjected to forms of neo colonialism that are sometimes worse than the old colonial methods, that the plunder of our resources still continues.

In spite of all the stratagems that have been designed to limit our ability to think for ourselves, our people are again today rising to say No to imperialist subjugation, plunder and humiliation. Our struggle is a very serious one which most of these people are belittling and are not taking seriously. We are preparing for battles that aren’t at all like that children’s game. Again, there’s need for reflection on the national liberation of our people, chained by backwardness and balkanisation.

The current regime of imperialist puppets is opening up our country and our people to neo colonialism. They are facilitating, abating, condoning the conquest, colonisation and the dissolution of the awareness of our identity and history. Now, when some people once again want to ‘discover’ and conquer us like Cecil John Rhodes and his mining corporation, BSA, did in 1891 and later handed us over to Oppenheimer and Anglo, we must have ideological weapons with which to defend ourselves against those real dangers.

What we truly seek is the true liberation and development of our people. By pointing this neo colonialism and the growing imperialism in our motherland, I am giving vent to a 131-year-old resentment and inviting those who subjugated us, plundered us, exploited and humiliated us to join us in seeking mutual understanding.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


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