1. Mwamba, why didnt the PF you support remove defamation of the president from the laws of Zambia? You were an Ambassador during the PF regime and didnot push for removing the defamation of the president laws!! While I agree that the defamation of the president laws should be removed, I still feel annoyed that you who had the opportunity to work under the PF regime didnt push for the required changes. Now that the law is affecting mostly PF supporters you want the law changed like yesterday. Laws are not changed like that!!

  2. Eya! Now that the same laws you abused to punish innocent people are now hammering your foolish pf member, the defamation law must be removed? Why now? It is not urgent because the New Deal Government is busy repairing the economy your corrupt party destroyed.

  3. Why should it be removed now, you were in PF, why did you not remove it then, let the head of state be protected like your man was, although for your man he abused it, now it will work normally, all pieces of legislation are okey if the country has a level headed leader, and all laws can be bad if the leader is like alebwelelapo because of abuse.

  4. This I agree with because the law is archaic and not on line with freedom of expression but then why didn’t your party remove it when you were in power? Now that it is affecting your members that’s when you are mentioning it.

  5. I don’t support the removal of this law because it will leave the president vulnerable to ridicule by those people who decide to abuse freedom of expression to insult or defame the president and the president will have no form of recourse because he/she can not sure or be sued whist holding office. Let’s be honest, our current politicians’ conduct leaves much to be desired and can not do politics in a mature manner therefore we need this law to keep them in check. If people like Raphael Nakachinda can misconduct themselves as he when the law is in existence, imagine how far they can go if it is not there? Furthermore, if at individual level there is a law to protect them from defamation by suing if defamed, why should we leave the president vulnerable?


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