When I first heard this story, I was driving in the car with my grandfather in the late evening.

As we cruised down the road into Los Angeles Boulevard I saw the skimpy dressed women and grandpa saw the curiosity on my face and that’s when he asked me; Have I ever told you of the ghost of Rosemary?


“Rosemary” was a famous prostitute who was believed to have originated from Southern Province but operated in Lusaka and Kabwe as a waitress. She had died a horrific death under mysterious circumstances at the hands of men. She then reappeared (as a ghost) and went for an all-out carnage to any man who fell prey to her.

It is believed that “Rosemary” had developed a hatred for all men because of what had happened to her in real life. The ghost would pose as real beautiful street prostitute, then the unsuspecting clients
would engage her and go out for a ride.

The woman would then turn into a fairytale superficial being and suck the victim of blood with the precision of a
vampire to death. Those who were lucky enough came out without their teeth!
During that time there were a lot of reports of the sightings of this mysterious woman who had also caused a lot of road traffic accidents.

It went on like this – you
are driving in the evening or night, then suddenly appears a woman right in the middle of the road, if you hit her you die, you avoid her, you still crash and die!

If you stop and decide to pick this beautiful chick thanking you for giving her a lift, she would pounce on you on the way.

The ghost of Rosemary is also said to have mysteriously appeared in three different bars she had worked in. First appearance was at Tambalala bar along Kabwe road not far from Chingwere cemetery where she was buried. Second appearance was at Independence bar in Emmasdale. Third appearance was at the Evening bar in Matero where she was said to have kissed a man who lost all his teeth and lived to tell the story.

It is reported that the haunting spirit of “Rosemary” was finally put to rest when a number of Priests held special prayers at her grave.

Another ghost story is that of Mandalena who terrorized Kitwe in a similar fashion after a gruesome murder.

It is said that Mandalena would often materialize in the form of a strikingly beautiful woman and then patronize some of the most popular bars and beer halls in the town of Kitwe.

There were different accounts of what would happen to the men who decided to pick her up. Some of the men would find themselves at a cemetery after having had a good time with her.

Others went mad after their encounter with the ghost.

Quite a few of them were reported to have died.

This was my grandfather’s tale and the tale of many but well science tells us ghosts are a figment of our imagination, happy Tuesday.


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