Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri


By Koswe Editors in Mongu

Murder suspect in the Lawrence Banda case Mumbi Phiri has bitterly complained that her party the PF is not doing enough to secure her release from prison.

Mumbi Phiri has lamented that only Given Lubinda made an effort to visit her in Mongu where she is being detained from.

“To be honest, the party has abandoned me and I feel neglected. From the time I was transferred from Kaoma to Mongu, only my brother Given Lubinda visited me. It’s as if the party doesn’t care about me because very little is being done to secure my release,” laments Mumbi Phiri.

“I don’t even know if there are people out there who are calling for my release. Nde chula kuno! (I am suffering here.”

Mumbi Phiri is the first suspect in the Lawrence Banda case as she is on record saying she was there when Lawrence Banda was shot dead in Kaoma.


  1. Am surprised she is even expecting people to thinks about her. PF is no longer there, it’s in extinction.

  2. Lubinda was in Mongu visiting his relatives. So it made sense to pay you a visit. He did not travel all the way from Lusaka to visit you.

  3. This will make her and other foolish PF cadres learn lessons. People like Bowman who had K2million spent as small change will one day be jailed.

  4. Sure! Jail.., in jail! You will remember Jesus and his teachings. Jail is not a place to be, that’s why we fear breaking the law. But looking at how you disrespected the law in your time in power, your situation is not surprising.

  5. Arrogant when with PF
    Bed warmer when with PF
    Murderer when with PF
    Corrupt when with PF
    Suffer and we hope you never see freedom ever again, don’t worry to much Wina will also join you just as well as that horror of a woman called Luo

  6. Never think you will be in power rest
    Of your life.Always respect others
    When in power as life can change.
    Lastly time for you to repent and ask
    For forgiveness from god and the
    Zambian people.

  7. Mumbi Phiri is not my favourite person, infact I never liked her politics but it’s not fair that PF should abandon her like that in preference to Bowman, Nakachinda and Tayali.
    Bamayo, you only know true family and friends when you are in trouble. Ba Chilangwa, Emmanuel Mwamba, ba PF, why have you neglected Mumbi Phiri?

  8. Ba Mumbi you were on record to say you got Mwaliteta arrested on tramped up charges by you. Mwaliteta languished for one year on FALSE charges BY YOU. I pray you spend same time too. Sadly it will be worse for you because your own party has neglected you at your most needy time.

  9. This spirit of solidarity in Pf gang is fussing out slowly. I reason why they didn’t send one of their land crusers to pick up thier comrade Tayali in wild of Lukulu after being given police bond. The guy was on foot, picking and eating guavas and other wild fruits as he tried to locate bearing back to Lusaka. Next should be Nakachinda and Lusambo to take taken to far flanked and remotest areas with no power.


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