The People V Chrint Sichamba & 4 Others: THE NDOZO LODGE CASE

Ndozo Lodges Proprietor Chrint Sichamba

The People V Chrint Sichamba & 4 Others: THE NDOZO LODGE CASE

Yesterday on 29th May 2023, the Lusaka Magistrate Court conducted a second scene visit to three (3) more properties namely one (1) Lodge and a set of flats both located in Chawama Lilayi area, and also a business premise located in Kamwala which are owned by Ndozo lodge proprietor Chrint Sichamba and four (4) others.

A State witness from the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) testified in this matter by identifying the said properties and projecting the period in which they were built.

However before the court could proceed on the third property, the Defence raised a preliminary issue regarding the media personnel taking pictures whilst the court was in session. But the State (Anti-Corruption Corruption Commission) argued that the media were only taking pictures after the court sessions.

And in dismissing the application through a ruling, Lusaka Magistrate Hon. Ireen Wishimanga said that the media personnel have the duty to uphold their media ethics and should they go outside the court rules, they can be charged for contempt.
The matter was since adjourned to 12th June, 2023 continuation of trial.


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