The PF Govt Will Investigate Where HH Got The Money To Employ 30,000 Teachers – Mabumba



Former General Education Minister in PF Government has condemned the recruitment of over 30,000 teachers by UPND Government.

Addresing PF sympathisers in Mwansabombwe in Luapula Province yesterday, Mr David Mabumba said he is surprised that many Zambians are happy with the recruitment instead of digging deeper to find out where ‘HH’ got the money to employ the large numbers of teachers.

“We shall investigate this issue to its conclusive end when we bounce back in 2026 and Iam afraid, some will be retrenched. Instead of recruiting 2,840 teachers, he recruited 30,800. This is unacceptable. He will be forced to tell us he got the money”

SOURCE: Zambian Accurate Information


  1. These are the people who were running govt and did not understand their purpose. He sounds very angry and lost. Employing 30K teachers is not a crime and a basis for electing PF back. In your time you failed to ensure that schools had desks and enough teachers. Instead of happy that young teachers have gotten a chance to work and the introduction of free education should be a good sign which must be simply improved and continued further. What a waste of a man, I hope this man will one day start thinking with his brains instead.

  2. I don’t know what to call this. Is this witchcraft or being dull. Who would fill bad when pipo get employed after a long time of waiting and these were are leaders. No wonder

  3. IDIOT and he says they will bounce back in 2026? Which right thinking person wants to vote for someone who will take away their source of income. This fool did not check the budget??

  4. Unfortunately your past episode clouds of minds In terms of intergrity.

    Even the reporting of this article is not helping with the picture to remind everyone about the event.

  5. A prudent government is putting the money which in PF could have been in their pockets. That is how a serious and methodical government does instead of stealing everything that comes in their way. You wonder if really were our former leaders who cannot know that the same money which could have been stolen by PF now the government is using it to develop the country and also pay teachers and nurses. Aikona man! these are the same people who want to come back to do what? Your chance baba has gone let others lead and they will show you how best to do things not the way they were being done in PF – Aikona Man!!!

  6. How can the idiots know where the money can come from when all they knew was to empty government coffers every time there was anything from anywhere, toll gates, taxes, grants, loans, Euro bonds, name it.

    Tell this idiot that the money is not coming from masturbation or porn picture sharing on social media, but from prudent use of the little resources the country is making and from those who have confidence in the government’s proper management of national resources.

    Please let this dog and all his fellow primates that PF WILL NEVER NEVER EVER, bring their disgraced thieving tails into anywhere near GRZ. Zambians are not as stupid as all PF so called leaders are. Can a normal person surely complain about job creation? Ni mbwa fye ishi.


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