Fred M'membe

´The Post newspaper was a political project´
…says Fred Mmembe

22nd June 2022

The Post newspaper, now defunct, was a political project which eventually had to fold up under political pressure said Dr Fred Mmembe, the former owner of the newspaper.

Dr Mmembe was speaking during the Leadership Conference Foundation held at the Taj Pamodzi Hotel on Wednesday.
The Editor turned politician also touted “Socialism” as the silver bullet that shall the current economic malaise in Zambia and not the capitalistic approach.

“The Post was a political project and therefore had to die a political death,” Dr Mmembe said, “at the time it was going under I was the only shareholder having borrowed money from Barclays bank to fund the exits.”

And Dr Neo Simutanyi, a renowned economist said something is suspicious in the way the current government is allegedly proceeding in “selling back” the mines to the companies that abandoned them via “third parties” masquerading as local companies.
Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba called on Zambians to totally reject the return of Vedanta, Glencore and Anglo to Zambia´s mining sector.
And Dr Raj Sharma, the owner of Jewel of Africa, an indigenous gem company he has run for more than two decades encouraged Zambians to engage in value edition.

Earlier in the day, Mines Minister of Zambia Mr Paul Kabuswe said his UPND government would increase shareholding in the mining sector while trying to remain market oriented or liberal.

This is the first time the conference is holding a ´sold out´ event since inception in 2014, with plans to hold more events discussing other sectors of the Zambian economy such as construction and agriculture etc.


  1. Ati Socialism” the silver bullet that shall turn the current economic malaise in Zambia and not the capitalistic approach.
    Tell us why China and Russia abandoned Socialism? Look at North Korea and Cuba. What a sorry sight they are in.

    • Mmembe is as ugly as the socialist agenda he espouses. Is this just a coincident? Even his stature is like a Chinaman painted black. What gives him away as a Zambian is his Lozi accent.

  2. Even his dressing like a Chinese man just shows what a real puppet he is to socialism which by the way is also a dying foreign interest he is trying to beat back to life.

    Talk about removing the log in your eye before removing the spec in your neighbours eye

    And what a lie about borrowing from Barclays to ” fund the exit”. What exit?? He was forced to close for tax evasion. Fake socialist!!

  3. Post closed because of not paying taxes. Not paying tax is a criminal offence. Did mmembe plan to defraud the state so that once caught the post would just be closed because it’s political mandate had expired?

    What l understand is tax evasion was a crime committed against the state and people of Zambia. What right do you have to stand up and challenge others including the mines on the need to pay due taxes?

    After committing an offence against the state by not remitting taxes, someone now has the audacity to say it was his calculated move to attain closure for his expired political mandate.

    The post politically campaigned against kaunda , rb, , chiluba and HH. It only succeeded in the issue of chiluba. And failed completely on HH. The main mmembe said would never be president of Zambia is today at the helm. And mmembe is now trying to make everyone believe like there was no criminality on the way the post ran it’s affairs. That is a total lie.

    In other countries, especially socialist countries, those who operated the post would not even be campaigning for presidency. Tax evasion is a serious crime.

    Say all you can about the deals going on around but please don’t pretend that as the owner and chief operator of the post, you are still inmbeded in complicity for the tax evasion by your newspaper.

    I don’t understand why the state opted to close the post and recover the money instead of prosecuting those that were responsible for that evasion of tax.

    Politics should not be used to cover up wrong doing. The crime that saw the post closed had benefits for some people and we should probably call for their arrest to stop others from doing the same.

    The post injured the state . Hope it was not intentional. But yes, taxes were not paid and that being a crime, zambians should know why perpetrators were not brought to account for their role.

  4. Yaaaba ! Why is this publication even wasting our time with this fake, questionable propagandist “Socialist” .It is a shame that this poor hunger stricken man is trying to justify the money that he is collecting from Cuba and other failed socialist states !Not long ago , this same idiot was busy pushing a tribal agenda with his friends and even went to the extent of calling the southern province a bantustan and now he wants to con us in believing that he is a serious opposition leader .


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