THE REAL HEROES: Girl that escaped by jumping the wall fence and the brave young man Robby Chitambo



The real Heroes of the Rescue is the girl that escaped jumping the wall fence (with electrical wires) and the brave young man Robby Chitambo that the girl sought SOS from.

The girl could have been hurt and they caught her escaping while Robby was extra brave and mobilized friends to go rescue the other girls including Pamela.

The girl risked her life escaping and so did Robby taking the matter in his own hands raiding the captive house. They raided without any sophisticated weapons but just an axe.

They did not run away when one of the men “wearing black disappeared in thin air ( evaporated out of their sight) at the door upon seeing us”.

Bravo Robby and the girl that escaped. God bless you both 🙏🏽



  1. The young man Robby Chitambo is a hero and the girl who escaped through the wall fence. Robby should be recruited in the Zambia Police or Zambia Army as an officer for his brevity.

    On the other hand, the Zambia Police is an institution that we can not depend on, how can they fail to trace criminals who have been using phones to communicate?

    Our Police is corrupt each time you report case they wouldn’t take action unless you pay them money for the so called logistics . Why do we have the police who fails to investigate crimes, also should it take many months or weeks to investigate crimes?

    In Chalala and Woodlands are places that are harbouring dangerous crimes, drug dealers and including foreigners. The police with other investigate wings and the Zambia Army should move in do a clean up in those areas. There are condemned houses within high wall fences were evil and criminal are being performed.

    Also, the place called Chris Corner in Chilenje South is a place where illicit drugs are sold and a place where criminal activities are happening. The police at Chilenje, Woodlands and Drug Enforcement Commission are aware of what is
    what happening, people freely consume drugs in the open and smoking cannabis freely.

    Woodlands and Chilenje police stations are only active when comes to arrest political opponents of the New Dawn Government. Shame upon you the police for getting salaries for doing nothing. Our townships are polluted with crimes and drugs, there illegal places operating also as bars in Chilenje and Chalala.


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