The truth about Black Coffee’s accident… ‘hard landing and tail strike’

South African DJ Black Coffee poses next to a personalised jet. (Picture via @RealBlackCoffee/Twitter)

More details have emerged about the accident that left DJ Black Coffee seriously injured, with a reputable aviation publication stating that a hard landing and tail strike were the reasons behind the rare occurrence that landed the South African superstar in hospital.

Black Coffee is reportedly still recovering from the incident, after suffering from unspecified injuries during a “severe travel accident” on the plane while enroute to a show in Argentina.

In its report of the incident, AeroInside B738 at Mar del Plata on 5 January 2024, experienced a hard landing and tail strike that allegedly led to the deejay being injured.

“The Flybondi Boeing 737-800, registration LV-KJE performing flight FO-5720 from Buenos Aires Aeroparque, BA to Mar del Plata, BA (Argentina), was reported to have touched down hard on Mar del Plata’s runway and suffered a tail strike.”

Argentina’s Transport Safety Board has reportedly opened an investigation into the incident after the airline stated that passengers had “disembarked safely after a hard landing.”

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), flight crashes are rare.

Flight crashes and accidents are usually due to pilot error: 60%-80%, bad weather: 10-20%, and mechanical malfunctions: 10-20%.

The accident has already sparked fresh turmoil in the DJ’s life, with his ex-wife, Enhle Mbali revealing afterwards that she had opted for divorce because he had two children out of wedlock.

This was after the two had reportedly exchanged harsh words on email, the only medium they still use to communicate.

Mbali said she was concerned about his welfare due to the fact that he was the father of a young child.


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