The UPND IMF Miscalculation Costly


The UPND IMF Miscalculation Costly

We told you so.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has told the Zambian Government exactly what Economic Freedom Fighters have been saying for almost 2 years about our debt “Go and agree with China first and straight “. We have young people that can think and are objective in EFF.

The next payout to Zambia from a $1.3 billion IMF rescue loan was contingent on the country’s bilateral creditors reaching a debt restructuring agreement; which to date is a big challenge.

Two weeks ago the IMF agreed to give Ukraine $15 billion with little or no conditions, a country at war. This was the first time the IMF had funded a country at war.

We told ba Musokotwane and now he is crying that Zambia is being “punished”. These are racist, imperialist organisations that only save the western interests. They have just wasted our time and increased our debt.

Because of the posture we had made earlier towards China, they will now give us conditions that will try to distance Zambia from the West; this might cause a serious rift between President HH and the West in the next one year. Like we have always told those who were supporting the President to be best friends with the West ” it’s us who will come and defend him”. Ello we know how they play if you are not supporting their interests.

Let the President travel to China as soon as possible, I can tell you for a fact that’s what the Chinese want. Little will be achieved by sending the Governor. The Chinese want to show muscle and that they have won Zambia back. Lol Apa it’s be extremely shrewd ba Zambia

France and the European Union are already running back to China, their Presidents just visited China last week.

Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe
Economic Freedom Fighters


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