THE UPND IS WORSE THAN THE BRUTALITY IT FACED… let us get rid of UPND in 2026- Saboi Imboela



I remember one bloody by election in Mulobezi, Western Province when PF were the ruling party and they brutalised us as UPND then in the opposition. We were in Mulobezi but the IG kept reporting wrong things in Lusaka and painting the victims the UPND as opposition black. I personally called Dr. Mmembe as owner of the Post Newspaper then to help out with reporting the truth to the public. He was very helpful and he sent his reporters to Western Province to see what really was going on. Only then did the public hear the truth. Thanks to the now Socialist Party President Dr. Mmembe.

So sad that as a ruling party, the UPND are now worse and doing what they experienced and more to other people. This is not right. There is no way Dr. Mmembe could have shot at UPND cadres. And even under attack he shot in the air to disperse the unruly crowd. Very professional of him. So now the victim is behind bars, sleeping on the floor in this cold. Ba mfwiti imwe ba UPND.

My conclusion is simply that Zambia, let us get rid of all these men leadership in 2026. These men are all the same and too bitter. This country needs a fresh start. Let is build a Zambia free of hate and vengeful hearts. We can do better than this and only them shall we develop. Ba shetani aba it’s too much.

Saboi Imboela
President- NDC


  1. Be truthful bo Saboi. In terms of violence, UPND has not degenerated to the level of PF yet, but they are slowly getting there.

    What happened in Serenje is disgusting. Worse still, the victims are being portrayed as the villains. The police are failing to do their job.

    Unfortunately, the opposition is not inspiring. Their talk is childish and what passes for checks and balances is mere sarcasm.

  2. As much as Hakainde has been a big disappointment, the opposition right now is useless. People do not have someone they can trust to deliver for Zambia. We trusted Hakainde because we saw he had been put through hell by the PF, and he made so many promises. He has fallen short in so many ways. Yes there have been successes, but these have been few and far in between. But these have not resulted in improving our lives, but made them a lot worse. This guy promised asset recoveries from corrupt politicians, yet up to now, not a single person from past regime has been jailed. He is a joker, and I am not sorry to say this.

    Maybe Highvie or Kateka could give it a try? I do not think Fred is the right person. Neither is Miles Sampa, Kalaba or Soboi.

    If General Miyanda stood, he might make a good president. We need a president that detests corruption. The last such president was Mwanawasa, RIP. All the ones after him have been very questionable, disappointing, and on so many levels, have encouraged corruption.

  3. Saboi may have some truth to her statement. But she is not leadership material and should be no where making headlines in the country.
    She has a bitterness against ALL men, just pay attention to what she says most of the time. Secondly,this woman is careless with her words, thank goodness she has been sued by Hamasaka. UPND also needs to sue her for her statement that they have a permanent room at Hotel Intercontinental for abusing women.

  4. May be you were not yet born when pf was in power Saboi. Ask kambwili how him, his and daughter were treated. It’s like you have no idea.


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