Tutwa Ngulube

THERE is a plot to have me arrested by the new dawn administration because I thwart all their plans, lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has said.

Mr Ngulube who is also former Kabwe Central Member of Parliament said he has information that he would be picked any day from now by the police and other investigative wings because of his zero tolerance to intimidation and other machinations set in motion by the UPND.

He said serious instructions from high officials had been given for his arrest and that it was just a matter of time for it to be set in motion.

“There is serious persecution most especially those thought to be closely affiliated to the Patriotic Front because they think they are political opponents who need to be annihilated,” Mr Ngulube said.

He said the UPND were using mafia tactics to deal with their political opponents but that this would not silence them.

“I can confirm that there is a plan to have me locked up but one thing I can tell you is that I’m not intimidated in any way and I will just wait for them to come and pick me up,” he said.

Mr Ngulube said that even if they employed such tactics justice would prevail despite being afflicted by the ruling party.

He said the biggest problem was that he was representing people that were on the top of the list the UPND wanted to fix but that he was ready to take them on head on.

Mr Ngulube said the PF was ready for anything and that they understood issues because they were once in government and now in opposition. Mr Ngulube said that the people in authority needed to know that he would not be moved even if they implored mafia tactics.

-Daily Nation


  1. When these idiots were commiting crimes they thought that the law will continue to be broken with impunity, they never at one time thought that they will be out of power. Now every criminal is crying persecution when all they are supposed to do is apologize. Let these dogs fill up all the prison spaces. Justice should now be served for all.

  2. It’s like the police is still fearing these pf criminals, why not arresting this ka tutwa idiot, he thinks that he is untouchable just like ka Tayali

  3. Fear is a strange feeling. The Bible sates that the wicked run even when on one is pursuing them.

    The law is blind so to say. It doesn’t discriminate. So if one is called in for a case. Is it not prudent to just prepare for the evidence needed. Beside innocence is a very powerful weapon especially in our current dispensation of rule of law.

  4. Yaaaaba ! An expired useless kaponya street political thug looking for relevancy ! This useless thing still thinks that it is someone in Zambian politics ! It never was anyway ! PF made street dogs think that they were actually important in Zambia . Shame !

    • The nicest thing is every zambian including your family, are praying for you to be called in for every wrong you committed.

      Why inform us? Are you not aware that you are one of the reasons pf was voted out?

      The very people you expect to symphasise with you, are the ones still pushing, wondering why the police have actually taken too long.

      Iwe yutwa, you seem not to know how much joy people would derive from your picked up.

      Break their bones, we shall find you and kufwa na panga, bill ten is good, you shouted but today your pending lockup should concern us, right?


      You will not be charged for representing pf. You will get charges for other offences you committed against us those are the grounds on which you should prepare your counter arguments. Lying, you are just justifying why we should celebrate your lockup mine. The time to fear, follow you for anything is over.
      Stand as a man. We are happy but worried that those high offices giving instructions that tutwa should be locked up are actually not very high enough. We would have loved the voices of even more powerful people in government to push for the arrest of tutwa so that you give account.

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