Fred M'membe

THE Socialist Party (SP) says there is nothing difficult in employing Health workers and Teachers because it is a task that can be done by any Government.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Ichengelo Radio Special Programme earlier today, SP Leader Dr Fred M’membe said what is difficult is creating new jobs in areas such as agriculture.

He said the UPND will be clocking an unfruitful year in power next month hence the “desperation” to point at things that can be done by anybody such as the recruitment of Health workers as their positives.

He said the employment of teachers and health workers is a continuous process which should never end.

“UPND is simply jumping on something that can be done by everybody, there is nothing difficult in employing Government workers. Today they are hanging on to the recruitment of 11,000 health workers with over 137,000 applying for those jobs, they are hanging on to the employment of 30,000 teachers, these are things they never promised , these are things that are not difficult to do,” he said.

“What is difficult is creating new jobs in agriculture, creating industries new service lines.”

Dr M’membe has since challenged the UPND Administration to state the number of jobs they have created in areas they promised such as the private sector.

“How many jobs have they created in the areas they had promised to create in the private sector , many people in the private sector are crying that things are difficult,“ he said.

And Dr M’membe said the UPND have pushed for a supplementary budget of K22 Billion in a desperate attempt to try and show as if something Positive is happening amidst economic hardships in the country.

“They are claiming that they have surplus, how do you have a surplus when there is a fiscal deficit in the same budget of 10%, how do you claim there is a surplus when you are failing to service your debt, debt repaying is a problem,” he said.


  1. There is nothing difficult in paying taxes , but you failed to pay taxes for the Post newspapers and Zambian Airways. Which Government has employed that huge number of civil servants in one year since independence? Infact all the past administrations failed to employ such numbers in their tenure of office.
    This is what happens when bitterness is mixed with jealousy. You nevet see the good done by others. Please learn to appreciate other people’s effort’s eo that when your time comes even you will be commended for your good works. Not that political witchcraft you are now practicing. You can surely do better Mr Mmembe.

  2. One thing I have observed is people don’t know how to read between the line.HH so far has raised the bar beyond measure such that opposition are failing to critise him. The only opposition so far doing good I think it’s MMD. The old type of politics of of critsizing everything is long gone. The era we are in it need critical thinkers to be in politics not this kind of cheap politics we are seeing from the opposition.The opposition can do far better than this

    • Yes the bar has been raised to the point it’s so difficult to be in opposition. These below average opposition leaders have run out of real checks and balances and are just ranting and saying things that don’t make sense anymore . It’s personal attacks and refusing to admit that bally is delivering. Time for useless politics is long gone . Non of these jokers can fit in Bally’s shoes now.

  3. Ask UNIP how many teachers in 27 years were employed you can’t compare to what this government will employee in 5 years think of it.
    Ask just the previous government why they couldn’t employee even just 10000 teachers.
    You ask how many jobs he has created in the private sector? Let me help you understand this means that the the producing companies of food items and other needs and wants have to produce more and for more production it will call for more employees and expansion in businesses. That’s just one I can go on…. opposition never supports mybe that’s the rule

  4. You are right sir, recruiting teachers and health workers is not difficult, that’s why HH is managing when others have been failing to do so in the last 10 years. It’s as simple as the word simple because it just needs political will. Just commend the man, he has the political will and he has done it. This jealous you always harbor in your heart will one day explode and shutter your chest. Learn to give praise where it’s due.


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