There’s no plan to form another party – Nakacinda


There’s no plan to form another party – Nakacinda

By Philip Chisalu
PF secretary general for the Edgar Lungu camp, Raphael Nakacinda, says there are no talks or plans for forming another party in their camp, vowing that they will fight for their party.

Last week, Zambia Must Prosper leader Kelvin Fube Bwalya said that there was no point in PF members forming another party when they could join him.

Bwalya’s remarks were in relation to information going round that former president Edgar Lungu wants to form another political party.

“Assuming that we agree that there is one PF, they are entitled if they need to form another political party. But for me my take is why go and start reinventing the wheel? You have already said that I’m a former member of the PF. Yes, I am. They expelled me for telling the truth and I told [them that] for what you have done, muka shala muli mwamoneni (you will regret). So, if they really want to be honest, we helped ECL to get into power, he knows that and everybody who wants to tell you the truth knows that. When Ba Sata died in 2014, we elected ECL on this table. Strategies were made on this table. We went to the convention in Mulungushi and helped him win his candidature. We came and strategised on this table just like we did for ba Sata,” said Bwalya…


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