Prophet Amata
Prophet Amata


Nigerian Prophet Isaac Amata wrote

“I believe there’s no one who is more likeable in Zambian politics than Edgar Lungu.

The foundation which he has started will prove me right and I must say that when Zambians realize that it’s not their vote which spoke in August 2021, they will demand that Edgar Lungu becomes President again. I saw this in my vision and it’s a final thing.

What I should also declare now is that I see this government of Hakainde Hichilema trying to frustrate the Edgar Lungu Foundation BUT it’s too late. No one will stop the annointed one. Share I Isaac Amata.”


  1. Zambia is a country of Laws and not of funny dreams!
    By the way what happened to your 2021 false prophecy when you said ECL would win by a landslide?
    And these are the shalatans ba ECL gets advice from?
    You have to be very careful who you listen to for advice ba Chagwa!

  2. I wonder who gives him those dreams, definitely it’s not God. He has talked about a lot of those dreams but none has ever come true, God does not lie. It’s also like the only person he knows in PF is ecl, that’s the only person he always talks about. Maybe he chooses who to dream about. Why can’t he talk or dream of Goodluck Jonathan coming back to power, every time, it’s Lungu, Lung’s time is long gone, it will never come back again.

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