THINGS ARE NOW BLOWING UP IN PF … te apa fyayambafye ukulapoboka, says PF Kantanshi MP


THINGS ARE NOW BLOWING UP IN PF … te apa fyayambafye ukulapoboka, says PF MP

Te apa fyayambafye ukulapoboka nomba (things are now starting to blow up) in PF, says Kantanshi member of parliament (PF) Anthony Mumba.

In his posting in one of the PF blogs accessed by Daily Revelation, Mumba commended Antonio Mwanza following his resignation from the PF and addressing important issues on why he has decided to do so.

He said everyone could hear that Mwanza was tired because of what has been happening in PF, saying when he has tried to address similar matters he has been accused in PF of being a sellout to UPND.

Mumba said people think President Hakainde Hichilema buys people because that is what they themselves have become accustomed to.

He said in elections parties win or lose but organisations must continue, saying young people like himself joined the PF thinking that even if President Hichilema were to rule for five or 10 years, the party must continue to exist as it was initially formed to speak for the voiceless.

“When we started talking, accusations were raised that Mumba has been bought by UPND, something you know that UPND doesn’t do. They have never bought a person. Even the President doesn’t release money when his choir is dancing. So how can he buy people?” Mumba asked. “Pantu echaba mumitwe shenu (Because that is what is in your heads). You only know how to buy people. So you think…


  1. The glue that holds PF together is their love for corruption and easy money. Once access to the national treasury and resources is closed, there is no PF.

    They have no love for Zambia. Everything is done out of selfish motives. PF does not need external help to destruct. They are their own worst enemy.

    As for Mr. Antonio Mwanza, he has just moved on in search of the next gravy train. UPND watch out!

  2. The one thing about PF is that they do not have a leader that is their for life. They are democratic in that sense. No dictatorship. UPND can learn a lot from them, in this regard.

    • PF is undemocratic as they get unless you’ve forgotten how ECL ascended to the Presidency. Or Sata before that. Even their current Central Committee is undemocratically appointed from acting President to SG. They are leader less because they have failed to go to a GC to elect a new leader due to selfish motives and people holding on to power.

      Your assertions on this matter are naive.

  3. Learning from thieves what type of thinking is that what can you learn comrade. PF criminals are full of nothing but idiocy, criminality, corruption unless you want to learn what I have mentioned

  4. This is very saddening and frustrating.
    We really need to understand what happened when we decided to become a multi party Democratic state.

    It is important to recognize what is really dying here, because of these unfortunate in fightings which are revealing episodes of mediocre type of politics. Our DEMOCRACY is under threat. We don’t want to go back to one party state. We can not trust any man as they have a tendency of staying in power even though their service is no longer required.

    Selfishness and pride is at the center of all this. Let’s just be honest and call it out. Sometimes just plain ignorance and lack of servitude is the root cause.

    There is need for our political leaders to mature quickly into understanding that the type of politics now needed to be practiced have drastically changed. Now it is the battle of ideas and minds with one clear objective of serving the people of Zambia better. This is the main objective. Not expansion of an imaginary kingdom. We are already free. We need someone to fight these demons of economic slavery.

    This understanding will affect the reasons for forming political parties and the strategic plans of engagement with the people who vote.

    Hatred for one another is not a platform to use now. It is unnecessary and very illogical. Constant fighting , jealousy and unreasonable actions of sabotage are unethical.

    No, one owns us as Zambians and therefore no one should be navie to think we can not survive without their exsistence. Actually the opposite is true , each political party depends on us Zambians for their exsistence. Without us their are completely irrelevant and a waste of time.

    Our democracy now needs to be raised to higher levels of integrity and maturity. It is in this vain that I would like to encourage those who are destined to play a part of genuine and civil politics to arise and participate. We cannot keep going backwards with the level of politicians we have.

    It is healthy to have debate by well cultured and focused politicians who are sincere and have the betterment of the entire country at heart. I don’t believe the mess we have been seeing is the best there is in Zambian politics.

    There is need for our young vibrant youthful leaders to arise under the wings of mature and honorable older politicians ready to pass the baton to a new generation. We have a lot of these sincere leaders not being purposely engaged and hence we lose out on very strategic and wholesome leadership skills that may take years to acquire.

    We don’t have to continue to have leaders who are ungroomed or uncultured when they arrive in State House. After, over 57 years of self rule it is embarrassing that we still can not hit the bulls eye. When will we ever learn that political leadership can be developed and prepared before hand.

    Let’s get ride of this “me mentality” and this ridiculous pamupando culture and understand that people come and go. One thing remains constant ,Zambia.

    We the older ones have the responsibility of preparing our vibrant youth to deal with the complex issues that will face them in their time. Unity and love for one another is the bed rock for our success as a nation. Any one advocating otherwise is not meaning well for all of us.

    Personally , I am very disappointed that our opposition leaders spend more time bickering instead of providing meaningful contributions to our current problems we are passing through.

    Seeing that no one is promised tomorrow it is sad that some of our ignorant leaders will go to the grave with good solutions just because they want to go and sit on that hot seat and brag about ruling. Leadership is about serving were you are. We will take note of those who mean well and who knows maybe without even trying to campign you may win our trust. This cuts both ways, the ruling and opposition parties.

    Why do you guys compete in out doing each other in providing good solutions which are credited to you and we who vote will use this as the basis of choosing who will lead us. Not this nonsense going on. As an elder Citizen most of these political leaders are within or my age group or younger hence I am entailed to tell them as it is.

    Very disappointing.


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