THINGS ARE NOW BLOWING UP IN PF … te apa fyayambafye ukulapoboka, says PF Kantanshi MP


THINGS ARE NOW BLOWING UP IN PF … te apa fyayambafye ukulapoboka, says PF MP

Te apa fyayambafye ukulapoboka nomba (things are now starting to blow up) in PF, says Kantanshi member of parliament (PF) Anthony Mumba.

In his posting in one of the PF blogs accessed by Daily Revelation, Mumba commended Antonio Mwanza following his resignation from the PF and addressing important issues on why he has decided to do so.

He said everyone could hear that Mwanza was tired because of what has been happening in PF, saying when he has tried to address similar matters he has been accused in PF of being a sellout to UPND.

Mumba said people think President Hakainde Hichilema buys people because that is what they themselves have become accustomed to.

He said in elections parties win or lose but organisations must continue, saying young people like himself joined the PF thinking that even if President Hichilema were to rule for five or 10 years, the party must continue to exist as it was initially formed to speak for the voiceless.

“When we started talking, accusations were raised that Mumba has been bought by UPND, something you know that UPND doesn’t do. They have never bought a person. Even the President doesn’t release money when his choir is dancing. So how can he buy people?” Mumba asked. “Pantu echaba mumitwe shenu (Because that is what is in your heads). You only know how to buy people. So you think…


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