This is Jose Kongolo FBI


This is Jose Kongolo FBI.
She is a Lady that is constantly mentioned by many Congolese Rhumba Musicians in their songs.
She is a congolese businesswoman who owns a Restaurant and a Lounge in Paris.

How did she earn the name FBI? Jose Kongolo is a staunch Christian. She is known for helping Congolese Musicians who are stranded in Paris by accommodating them in her Restaurant, feeding them, fundraise for their return Air Tickets to Congo and help them stabilise.

Whenever she meets them (Congolese artists), she always counsel them and tell them to consider accepting Jesus Christ in their Lives and some got born again in this manner and they nicknamed her “FBI wa Yesu”, hence the name FBI.

She (Jose Kongolo FBI) has been on many occasions confused with “Jose Kongolu” (check spelling). KONGULU is the Son of Mobutu sese seko.


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