This is Pepe Kale’s short death story.
Pepe Kale was reported to have died of Heart attack. That was the official information.
But unfficialy a lot of things are said about that situation .
It ‘s for example said that Pepe Kale used to lock himself in his barthroom before realising his album. He was staying in it for a few days,and inside he decomposed and was covered by bucks ,Worms,flys,etc..

During that moment no one was allowed to open the door until he Comes out.
Once out of , he realised the album ,and it had the incomparable succes. According to those who give that information ,he did this under their sect instructions.

But on the day where he died, someone of his house did a mistake,he went in and discovered what was happinig and shouted. When people came,they found him dead, decomposed,covered by bucks ,Worms,flys ,etc..
He was now really and definitely dead.

That why in Kinshasa everybody says that Pepe Kale was already dead in his barthroom. . They say it because many people saw him dead in his barthroom in that condition,when someone oppened by mistake that door.
This what people speak about pepe Kale’s death in Kinshasa


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