incent Lengwe wrote;

This totally unbelievable from the P.F price of K190 to K137 in just about one year?

First it started by reducing the inflation rate from the P.F levels of 25% to 9%, then cooking oil price reduction.

As if that is not enough even public bus fares where reduced twice within a space of three weeks.

This is something unheard in the history of Zambian and African politics.

All this is mainly attributed to Bally’s economic management competence where he has occasioned the Kwacha to get uncontrollably excited thereby making it the second best performing currency in the world and Africa’s best performing currency suppressing the South African Rand and arresting the U.S dollar at K15 exchange rate.

If this is not making the life of Zambians better, then what is it?


  1. You are right about that. We are headed in the right direction. Let’s make sure bally doesn’t fail cz if he does then we all fail.

  2. this brand has always been cheap unless if you say you are living in your parents home were they buy every thing for you, cost of living in zambia is high both for the PSs and the oldnary.


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